Parent Engagement

“The evidence is in: when schools and families work together to support learning, everyone benefits.  Students do better in school and in life.  Parents become empowered. Teacher morale improves. Schools get better. Communities grow stronger.”  

- National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education   

The District School Improvement Team (DSIT) is one way to support student learning across the district. The DSIT is the conduit between parents and community members and the district and the Board of Education.  We facilitate dialogue on important issues, including student achievement and assessments, and provide opportunities for input on decisions regarding district and school budgets, district policies and school choice.   To learn more about DSIT, click here.  

Interested in something more or different?  There are many other ways to engage in your child’s educational experience.  From school-level accountability groups to band and sports boosters, there are myriad opportunities to play a more active role in your child’s school.  For ideas and links to other opportunities, click here

The next regular DSIT meeting is Thursday May 8th from 6:30 - 8:30 at the ESC. Come hear from a panel of district representatives regarding topics of importance to parents, including communication, curriculum and assessments, budget, school safety and the District School Improvement Plan.

Whether you were the type of student who tended to sit in the front row in school or the one who liked to sit in the back and take it all in, as a parent and adult member of our Adams 12 community, your place in our children's education is front and center.  All have ideas, opinions and skills to contribute.  Everyone is welcome.  Everyone is needed.