Check Registers & Card Statements

Updated on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 1:06pm

Adams 12 Five Star Schools provides a searchable database that combines and identifies all expenditures by payment method in lieu of providing the check register and purchasing card statement.

The database allows expenditures to be searched by fund categories, departments, programs or by vendor. 

Governmental Funds

General Fund: The district’s primary operating fund. These funds are supported by Colorado state equalization, property taxes, state categorical program funding, tuition and fees, and interest earnings.

Insurance Reserve/Risk Management Fund: Accounts for risk management activities and the Rocky Mountain Risk Insurance Pool reserve.

Colorado Preschool Fund: Accounts for the cost of providing preschool services. 

Designated Purpose “Grants” Fund: Accounts for restricted or categorically funded grant awards that are primarily awarded for instructional programs.

Capital Reserve Fund: Accounts for capital outlay needs of the District which include maintenance and equipment purchases.

Bond Redemption Fund: Accounts for payments made for principal, interest, and related costs on long-term general obligation debt.

Food Service Fund: Accounts for financial transactions related to food service operations for student breakfast and lunch programs.

Before, After and Summer Enrichment “BASE” Fund: Accounts for the operations and activities costs to provide year-round non-academic enrichment programs. This program is self-supported through user fees.

Pupil Activity Funds

Athletic Fund: Accounts for activities of the interscholastic athletic programs in the district.

Special Revenue Fund: Accounts for financial transactions related to school sponsored pupil activities, student instructional and material costs and other costs related to student fees.

Agency Fund: The district serves as a fiduciary for funds belonging to student groups. The district is responsible for ensuring that the assets reported in these funds are used only for the intended purposes and used by those to whom the assets belong. These funds do not receive general fund support. Fiduciary funds are not available to support the district’s own programs.

For help searching the financial database, view our guide (PDF).