Design Advisory Groups

Updated on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 4:13pm

Design Advisory Groups are an opportunity for school staff members, parents and community members to have an active voice in shaping planned bond renovations to their school.

What is a Design Advisory Group?
A Design Advisory Group (DAG) is a group of usually eight representatives from a school community who will collaborate with other members of the District-appointed design team to clarify and refine the specific scope of work outlined for the project. The DAG assists the architect to meet the District’s educational goals and the community’s expectations for the facility.

What is the purpose of the Design Advisory Group?
The DAG’s role is advisory in nature. As the primary users of the building, the DAG members have the most knowledgeable perspective on how the building needs to function. The DAG helps the project architect understand the users’ needs to enable the architect to design a building to support those needs. The architect and the project management team will be responsible for all final design decisions. The project management team is ultimately responsible for delivering the scope of work. The input provided by the DAG will inform those decisions. The DAG begins its work with the basic scope of work outlined in the Educational Facilities Master Plan.

Who serves on the DAG?
The school principal will work with the district bond team to select members to serve on the DAG. The bond team will provide final approval of all DAG membership. The membership should represent the interests of the school community and have enough members to present sufficient viewpoints. Membership range should be about eight members, although group size may vary with the size of the project scope of work.

A recommended DAG group membership includes:

  • School Principal
  • 2-3 classroom teachers
  • 2-3 parents/community members
  • 1-2 students (optional depending on age)

When and how often does the DAG meet?
The district bond team will work with members of the DAG group to identify the best potential time to convene DAG meetings. Length and frequency of meetings will be dictated by the project scope of work. Normally, the DAG group will continue to advise the architectural team until the project enters the Design Development phase. Consistent attendance is highly recommended for DAG participation.

How do I become involved with my school's Design Advisory Group?
Adams 12 Five Star Schools has developed a bond program timeline for when schools are anticipated to receive bond-related improvements. The estimated start of project design work will depend on a number of factors including the anticipated scope of work. The district bond project team will work with the building principal to identify potential members to serve on the DAG group. If you are interested in this work, please contact your school principal.