North Mor Elementary School

School Stats
Student Enrollment: 
African American: 
Native American: 
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 
Two or More Ethnicities: 
Percent of Students on free and reduced lunch: 
Percent of teachers with advanced degrees: 
Average years teaching experience: 
2013 October Count
Contact Information
9580 Damon Dr.
Northglenn, CO 80260-5522 US
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School Hours
School Hours: 
7:45 am - 2:30 pm
Early Release Day: 
Early Release Time: 
1:15 pm
Kindergarten Enrollment: 

2014-15 School Year

Title Full-Day Enrollment
January 27 - First school day in August

Please contact the school for further enrollment information.

General Enrollment: 

Here's how the enrollment process for the Five Star District works:

  • Step 1: Check your address on our boundary locator to determine which school your student will attend. Our locator is online at
  • Step 2: Pick up an enrollment packet at one of our school locations or download the forms from our website. You will need only one Household Information Packet and individual Student Information Packets for each student.
  • Step 3: Complete your forms and gather the necessary documentation. Documentation includes: Parent/Guardian Photo ID; Child’s Birth Certificate; Proof of Residency; Immunization Records; and prior school records.
  • Step 4: Take your completed enrollment forms and all required documentation to your student’s school.

For additional information on our enrollment process, click here.

School Resources
Boundary Map: 
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Amy Herrman
2008 Bond & Mill Info
Original Construction Date: 
Total Gross Square Footage: 
49,508sq. ft.
Student Enrollment: 
School Construction Budget: 
Enrollment As Of: 
School Repairs: 
Replace cabinet unit heaters Replace selected pneumatic control valves. Update boiler system components. Relocate electrical panel in kitchen. Replace selected doors and hardware. Replace selected interior finishes that have exceeded their useful life. Replace north side cross pan.
Student Safety: 
Install electronic card access control. Install automatic lockout system for emergencies. Provide visitor and volunteer tracking software. Install security cameras and digital video recorder.
Classroom Technology: 
Replace obsolete computer systems and upgrade network infrastructure as necessary.
2004 Bond Info
Original Construction Date: 
Total Gross Square Footage: 
49,508sq. ft.
Student Enrollment: 
Total Investment: 
Project Status: 

North Mor Elementary School work began in March 2005 on the new air conditioning system. Other work originally scheduled for 2006 was rescheduled for summer 2005 to avoid a second disruption to the school. As an added benefit, this saved the district money by avoiding additional mobilization and future cost increases. The project was completed on August 16, 2005.

Project Upgrades: 

The library has been reconfigured to provide students and staff better access to learning resources. The intercom system needs replaced and has been included in this year’s work due to safety concerns.

Work Planned: 

Improvements were made in playgrounds, eliminating worn-out or hazardous equipment, and providing access to students with disabilities. The playground improvement project was completed in August of 2005.

Air Conditioning:
Add air conditioning.

Improve Classrooms and Interior Space:
Walls were painted in most instructional areas, corridors, and office spaces. Carpet and tile more than 15 years old was replaced. Vinyl flooring and vinyl clad walls were replaced or resurfaced. Ceiling tile which was damaged or more than 25 years old was replaced. The floor was replaced in the gym, kitchen and cafeteria. Cabinets, countertops, room doors and hardware were repaired or replaced as necessary. Restrooms were upgraded. New tack strips and white boards were installed. Room signage was updated.

Information Technology:
Network wiring for computers was updated and obsolete networking equipment was replaced.

All heating and air circulation systems were upgraded and repaired as necessary. Air conditioning was added to instructional areas. Electrical service panels and equipment were upgraded as necessary to meet current standards.

Exterior Site Work and Repair:
All exterior sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and other paved areas were repaired as necessary.