District consolidates resources to help families in need

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Family Resources
Programs to operate out of same location

The Federal Programs Team from the Grants Department and the Student and Family Outreach Program are moving in together in order to better serve our most vulnerable students. The two teams will work together under one roof at the Huron Office Building located at 10280 Huron St. in Northglenn. This move has been a terrific collaboration to streamline critical services to students and families in Adams 12 Five Star Schools.

The Federal Programs Team works to enhance and supplement educational opportunities that improve student learning and support students and families by maximizing grant resources and ensuring accountability in the use of those resources.  

Contacts for the Federal Programs Team
Tammy Stewart, Title and Federal Programs Director – (720) 972-4140
Rochelle Garcia-Gomez, Title Coordinator – (720) 972-4142
Antonio D’Lallo, Homeless Liaison – (720) 972-6016
Sasha Hoskie, Indian Education Liaison – (720) 972-5887
Preston Carpenter, Migrant Education Liaison – (720) 972-5889

The Adams 12 Five Star Schools Student and Family Outreach Program strives to ensure that all students have access to needed community resources. We know that health disparities between low-income students and their peers contribute to the academic achievement gap and that student health is a strong predictor of academic performance. Our goal is for all Five Star students to be healthy and ready to learn, enabling them to succeed in all of their academic and social endeavors.

Contacts for the Student and Family Outreach Program
Karina Delaney, Community Resource Specialist – (720) 972-6011
Kristin Pullen, Community Resource Specialist – (720) 972-6012
Lillian Risch, Bilingual Community Resource Specialist – (720) 972-6686
Cynthia Rodriguez, Bilingual Enrollment Specialist – (720) 972-6007
Cheryl Schnepf, Adams County Eligibility Tech – (720) 972-6020
Norma Uribe, Bilingual Receptionist – (720) 972-6015