Nutrition News

The Department of Nutrition and BASE supports student achievement by providing healthy meals and high quality, affordable programs that encourage learning and healthy behaviors.

Keeping children nourished, “edutained” and informed.

Menu Changes
As part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, new standards have been set for school meals across the nation with a goal of creating healthier meals for kids. The Adams 12 Nutrition Department will be meeting all of the required standards for the 2013-2014 school year, including:

  • Offering a variety of fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables daily, with a requirement that EVERY STUDENT takes at least 1 fruit or vegetable at lunch
  • More than half of the grains being offered are whole grain rich
  • All items have zero grams of trans fats (.5 grams or less) per serving
  • Only 1% or fat free milk options are available

In addition to the changes being required by the USDA, Adams 12 is continuing to make improvement to the menu to offer our students fresh, healthy meals, including:

  • A fresh salad served daily – varying from a romaine and spinach tossed salad, fresh fruit salad, mandarin asian salad, or many other cold salad options.
  • Four different options of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Fresh lettuce and tomato served with all sandwiches, tacos, burgers, and tostadas.
  • Continuous expansion of whole grain items as they become available.
  • Introduction of a new, homemade ranch dressing beginning in the '13-14 school year.
  • All a la carte items meet nutrition guidelines set by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, limiting calories, fat, and sugar content.
  • A daily vegetarian entrée.
  • Highlighting a fruit or vegetable through the "Harvest of the Month" program with a new recipe each month. 

Upcoming Events/Promotions

  • The Harvest of the Month for April is DRY BEANS. The school cafeterias will be serving dry beans hroughout the month, including Corn and Black Bean Salsa on Tuesday, April 15th. Try the RECIPE at home and encourage your child to try this at school! Click here for some fun facts about DRY BEANS, plus learn to channel your inner-self with YOGA!!  
  • If you'd like to see the Harvest of the Month cycle for the entire year click here.
  • The cafeterias are now serving "Featured Fruits" every week to continue offering a variety of fresh fruits. These fruits will be offered at least one day during that week. The "Featured Fruits" for February are:

    Mar. 31- Apr. 4 - Oranges and Tangerines
    Apr. 7-11 - Watermelon and Honeydew

    Apr. 14-18 - Bananas and Gala Apples

    Apr. 21-25 - Plums and Pineapple

  • National School Breakfast Week was a success with kids going home with NCAA sports equipment and 6 lucky breakfast eaters took home a brand new Mountain Bike!!! 


  • Hillcrest Elementary kicked off National School Breakfast Week!!! Action for Healthy Kids and Fuel Up to Play 60 hosted David Bruton, Safety and Special Teams Captain for the Denver Broncos, and Miles, the Denver Broncos Mascot. They discussed the importance of breakfast and eating right for a healthy life!! 


  • Every Kid Healthy Week is the last week in April. Help your school plan the event of the year!!! Here's more info.

Recent News

  • For the 2013-2014 school year, Adams 12 Nutrition Services is introducing 3 brand new PIZZA options!! We are excited to announce that Pizza Hut, Cici's Pizza, and Domino's Pizza have all partnered with Adams 12 to create healthier versions of their classic pizzas that kids know and love. Check out the following info from each vendor to learn more about what they'll be offereing:

Pizza Hut                Cici's Pizza                Domino's Pizza

Pizza will be offered every Wednesday this year, but the schedule for each  vendor will vary by school so check with your school kitchen to find out the schedule. 

  • Adams 12 DOES NOT serve Lean Finely Textured Beef (ammonium hydroxide gas). Our current vendor does not use Lean Finely Textured Beef (LFTB) during the processing of our beef. Adams 12 will continue to opt out on beef that contains LFTB.
  • Coronado Hills Elementary, Federal Heights Elementary, North Star Elementary, Northglenn Middle, and Stukey Elementary are now serving Breakfast in the Classroom to every student, every day! The kitchen and school staff are working hard to deliver food to each classroom every morning so students are ready to learn.
  • Adams 12 has gone green! Our kitchens have done a wonderful job of reducing landfill waste by using washable trays, flatware in place of plastic silverware, and transitioning from wrapped grab-and-go selections to self-service. We are continuing to make improvements in this area each year.
  • Adams 12 partners with a local Food Bank to donate leftover foods from our kitchens.