Digital Literacy Instruction

The Instructional Technology and Library Services department is leading the implementation of new digital literacy standards.  Based on the ISTE and AASL standards for students, the standards identify information literacy, technology literacy, and digital citizenship skills by grade level. 

Digital literacy, the ability to access and evaluate information and use technology to communicate information, is crucial to the future success of today’s students. The district utilizes two instructional models related to digital literacy:

  • In most of Adams 12 elementary and middle schools and all high schools, teacher librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to plan and deliver digital literacy instruction that supports all content areas. Adams 12 teacher librarians also manage the resources of the library while helping to build a literacy community in their schools.  
  • In some elementary and middle schools, the teacher librarian position has been replaced with a digital literacy teacher who co-plans digital literacy instruction and co-teaches with classroom teachers. In these schools, a library media clerk is responsible for day to day operations of the library.

The instructional focus of both teacher librarians and digital literacy teachers is teaching information literacy skills (how to find, evaluate, and use information print and digtal information), technology integration skills, and digital citizenship skills.  

The goal of Adams 12 digital literacy instruction is to ensure that all Adams 12 students are prepared to be ethical and responsible 21st century citizens. Additional information can be found in this document.  If you have questions about either model or would like clarification, please contact Julie Bowline at