Schools in the Five Star District accelerate student achievement

With nearly 42,000 students and 5,000-plus caring staff members, the Five Star District offers families the benefits of a large district with a close-knit feel. That's reflected in the numerous opportunities for students, staff and parents at any of the district's 52 unique learning centers. Get the latest news about the Five Star District.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools exists so the students it serves are well-prepared for the next stage of their lives and obtain the skills, knowledge and expertise to thrive in our world, at a level that justifies the resources used. We measure our progress by looking at a combination of test results including the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) tests. By looking at all of these together, we get a much clearer and more accurate indication of student performance.

We're now able to provide our teachers with detailed data outlining specific areas of student achievement, so our teachers can see which students need help and in what areas. This data also helps our teachers make meaningful modifications to their daily instruction to best meet the needs of their individual classes and students.