Stargate School

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Charter (Grades: Kindergarten - 12th Grade)
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Stargate School provides unique educational programming designed specifically to meet the needs of identified intellectually-gifted K-12 students.

Teachers strive to challenge each student’s academic abilities, support students’ unique emotional needs, promote individual character development and encourage a lifelong love of learning in students. At Stargate, students are part of a community where concepts and ideas are presented in authentic, interactive and creative ways.

In the classroom, traditional learning is linked to the real world through a project-based approach. Academic excellence is valued, and Stargate students are encouraged to explore self-initiated and self-directed learning in innovative and creative ways.

At Stargate, students become confident learners who are able to navigate their community, their education and, ultimately, their lives. Graduates are academically prepared, socially adept, and positioned to flourish in higher education settings.

Unique Program

  • Adroit Program: Designed to support the academic, social, emotional, creative and post-secondary needs of gifted students. Gifted specialists and school counselors mentor students through discussion groups, passion projects, design engineering, and college and career preparation and planning.

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Enrollment Information

For additional information about the enrollment process, visit the Stargate website.