Elementary School, K-8 School, Middle School (Grades: Kindergarten - 8th Grade)
STEM Launch building 2016

STEM Launch aims to inspire achievement through rigorous, innovative and authentic learning experiences within the context of a K-8, STEM-driven education.

STEM education — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — utilizes problem-based learning to engage all students in unique learning opportunities. Through problem-based learning (PBL), students engage in inquiry and collaboration to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. Each problem is examined through various perspectives to develop solutions that benefit humanity. Industry partners serve as mentors, bringing relevance to student work.

As a K-8, STEM Launch provides students with a smaller, more intimate school environment. All classrooms fully integrate technology into the STEM-based curriculum, preparing students for 21st-century careers.

Enrollment Information

Open For Choice Enrollment (Grades: Kindergarten, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade - 8th Grade) - Learn About Choice - Apply for Choice

Families with students wishing to attend STEM Launch will need to apply for admission by using the district’s Schools of Choice Program. Families will be able to apply beginning December 1st through the Adams 12 Choice website: http://www.adams12.org/choice The application deadline is the last business day in January. Siblings of students already attending STEM Launch will have priority in the admissions lottery for their school. Priority will be given to in-district students and determined by a lottery system based on five geographic zones within the Adams 12 district. Out-of-district students will only be accepted for admittance after all in-district requests have been met. 

Kindergarten at STEM Launch is a full-day program. There is a tuition fee of $300.00 a month. There is a $25.00 late fee for payments not paid by the first of every month. There is an opportunity for a scholarship for families who qualify for free or reduced lunch.