Superintendent Policies

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Table of Contents
Summary of Changes
0Table of Contents-Sorted by Old Number
1000Parent/Community Engagement in Education
1100Shared Decision Making
1110Policy Development, Modification, and Deletion
1120Waiver of Superintendent Policy
1200Visitors to Schools
1210Public Conduct on School Property
1300Community Use of District-Owned Facilities
1400Booster Organizations/Parent Groups
1500Challenges to Curriculum, Instructional Materials and Activities
1550Public Complaint
1600Charter Schools
1800Public Records Requests
2100Selection and Appointment of Administrators
2110Administrative Transfers
3200Restricted/Prohibited Expenditures
3300Procurement Policies
3310Contracting Authority and Purchasing Authority
3320Bid Requirements
3330Bid Protest Policy
3340Suspension and Debarment
3350Sponsorships, Agreements and Contracts
3400Investment Policy
3500Safe Schools
3510Emergency Response Plan
3520Video and Audio Monitoring
3530Hazardous Materials
3540Sex Offender Information
3550Law Enforcement in Schools
3600Student Transportation
3610Operation of District-Owned Small Vehicles
3620Transportation-Use By Senior Citizen Groups
3700Nutrition Service Operations
3720Wellness Policy
3730Authorized Personnel in School Kitchens
3740Employee and Visitor Tobacco and Nicotine Use
3800Equipment Protection
3810Building Access
3820Flag Displays
4000General Personnel Policy
4100Staff Dress, Accessories and Grooming
4110Staff Relations with Students
4115Classroom Removal of Disruptive Students by a Teacher
4120Athletic Coaches
4130Staff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest/Nepotism
4140Equal Employment Opportunity
4150Expenses and Reimbursement for School District Activities
4160Guidelines for Compensating Certified Staff-Opening New Schools/Renovating of Existing Schools
4170Tax Shelter Annuities and Other Deferred Compensation
4180Employee Cell Phones and Other Personal Electronic Communication Devices
4185Employee Use of Computers, the Internet and Electronic Communications
4190Released Time for Voting
4200Employee Assistance Program
4210Employee Use of Drugs, Alcohol or Controlled Substances
4230Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing for Employees with Driving Responsibilities
4300Employee/Authorized Volunteer Protection
4310Communicable Diseases-Staff
5000Student Code of Conduct
5010Student Due Process
5020Student Attendance
5025Parental Notice of Dropout Status
5030Student Use of Cell Phones and Other Personal Electronic Devices
5035Student Use of Computers, the Internet and Electronic Communications
5040Student Drug, Alcohol and Controlled Substance Offenses
5045Tobacco, Nicotine and Controlled Substance Delivery Mechanisms
5050Student Tobacco Possession and Use
5060Student Dress Code
5070Student Violence, Fights and Aggressive Behavior
5080Gangs, Secret Societies and Disruptive Groups
5090Student Habitually Disruptive Behavior
5100Student Weapons and Dangerous Items in School
5110Student Bullying, Harassment, Hazing, Intimidation and Threatening Behavior
5120Off-Campus Behavior
5130Search and Seizure
5140Corporal Punishment
5150Physical Restraint/Seclusion
5210Student Residency
5220Denial of Admission
5230Age Requirement: Kindergarten/First Grade
5240Early Entrance, Acceleration, and Grade Skipping
5250School Attendance Areas
5260Choice of Schools and School Transfers
5270Homeless Students
5275English Language Learner Program
5280International Exchange Students
5300Records Release Form
5300Student School Records
5410Student Immunizations
5415Students with Food Allergies
5420Administering Medications to Students
5430Medical Release for Students
5440Communicable Diseases-Students
5450Do Not Resuscitate Orders
5460Private Duty Nurses
5510Threat Assessment
5520Suicide Assessment
5530At Risk Students
5540Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect
5610Memorials, Vigils and Remembrances
5620Co-Curricular Student Organizations
5630Student Fees
5650Distribution of Printed Materials on School Premises
5660Review of Restriction of Distribution of Printed Materials
5670Distribution of School/District/Non-District Related Materials
5700Emergency School Closure and Student Release at Other Than Normal Dismissal Time
5710Emergency School Closure
5900Student Sex Offenders
6100Perpetual School Calendar
6110Released Time for Students
6200Course/Program Development
6210Religious Content and Materials
6220Controversial Issues
6230Instructional Materials
6240Movies and Music
6255Pledge of Allegiance
6260Student Press
6270Field Trips and Activity Travel
6281Make-Up Work
6285Post-Secondary Planning and Enrollment Options
6291Dual Enrollment
6295Independent Study
6300Student Assessment
6310Reporting Student Progress
6330Physical Education Waiver
6340Graduation Requirements
6350Graduation Exercises
6400Student Pregnancy/Birth Control Issues and Sexual Activity
6500Educational Research
6510Surveys and Psychological Services
7200Land Use and Development
7210Location of Schools in Industrial and Business Park Zoning Districts
7220Preliminary Drawings and Specifications
7400Use of Classroom Space
7500Naming of Facilities
8200Internet Safety Policy
8300Records Management
8310Document Control
8500Political and Campaign Matters
8800Volunteer Authorization
8900Individual Rights & Responsibilities