Community input needed in CTE branding effort

Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 11:45am

District looks to link CTE through shared name, colors, core values

With Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities poised to expand over the next two years in the Five Star District, community members are being asked to provide their input on a new brand for the district’s career-focused education programs.

In April 2018, the district formed a CTE Brand Steering Committee of CTE administrators and educators from across the district to study the potential to bring a unified brand to the district’s CTE programs.

CTE offers students the opportunity to gain the academic, technical and employability skills necessary for true career readiness by offering integrated programs of study that link secondary and post-secondary education and lead to the attainment of industry-recognized credentials.

The desire to link district CTE programs by name, color and core values comes as construction nears on a brand new CTE campus in the center of the district as well as the start of a planned two-year renovation of Bollman Technical Education Center this spring. But the need for a unified brand extends beyond dedicated CTE campuses to the programs that live within the district’s high schools.

“CTE is an incredible educational opportunity for all Adams 12 students,” explained Hilary Wimmer, Mountain Range High School Business and Marketing Teacher, who helped spearhead focus groups for a new brand. “Unfortunately, our current brand is somewhat inconsistent and confuses many of our stakeholders. Our hope is that the branding process will help develop one, unified CTE brand that can be clearly communicated. This will help students, parents, and other stakeholders better understand the CTE programs and opportunities that are offered at our main CTE campuses and at each of the high school campuses.”

From October through December 2018, more than 70 focus groups of staff and students from across all district high schools were convened. Group members were asked to relate their own understanding and knowledge of district CTE programs through words and themes that they commonly link with CTE. They were then asked to provide input on potential colors for a new brand as well as names.

“Involving stakeholders in the CTE branding has been the most important part of the entire process. Our students, parents, and community members are all passionate about CTE education and they understand the value this type of career-focused education provides for our students,” Wimmer said. “They are the "heart" of CTE education and understand it best because they have first-hand experience with many of our programs.

"I believe that when we involve current CTE students and staff it makes the program more unique, unified and individualized," added junior student Anna Helfrich. "By surveying our peers they will help make the program as successful as possible because they know what will be best for our new branding and CTE program.”

Their work and input has shaped a now-completed survey where community members provided similar input and share their own branding ideas.

The feedback will be considered by the Brand Steering Committee and district staff as they make a final decision. An announcement of a new CTE brand is anticipated later this year. While the goal is to create a unified look for district CTE programming, the district will seek ways to preserve and incorporate the current Bollman name – named after former school board member, Henry Bollman.

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