Expansion work continues at Arapahoe Ridge, Cotton Creek

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 3:45pm

With end of school year, work moves inside existing buildings

Construction is moving ahead on two district school expansion projects with an eye on early August completion dates.

Arapahoe Ridge and Cotton Creek elementary schools, both in Westminster, are in the midst of adding large classroom expansions as part of the 2016 Bond Program. Arapahoe Ridge is set to add 12 classrooms and Cotton Creek will add eight. The projects kicked off in December and now contractors are hitting the critical summer months of construction.

Work in May focused on exterior and interior framing work with drywall beginning to shape the interiors of the new buildings, interior plumbing and electrical work, and roof installation (Arapahoe Ridge). June work will include continued interior work, roof installation (Cotton Creek) and brick installation getting underway for both expansions.

As the school year ended, contractors also moved into the existing school buildings to begin renovation work. At Cotton Creek, that work includes critical building system repairs, the removal of abandoned classroom unit ventilator locations to create additional classroom space, removal of the Kiva common space in the center of the building and new interior paint. At Arapahoe Ridge, work will include critical building system repairs, removal of corridor carpet to be replaced by new vinyl tile, new interior paint, conversion of existing kindergarten classrooms into new preschool classrooms as well as updates to both school playgrounds.

JHL Constructors is handling both construction and renovation projects.