Mobile classrooms leaving Arapahoe Ridge, Cotton Creek

Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 8:45am

Building expansions scheduled to be finished for start of new school year

It's a sight that might be as exciting to the school communities of Arapahoe Ridge and Cotton Creek elementary schools as watching the new additions to their buildings continue to take shape.

In early June, contractors arrived at both schools to begin the process to disconnect, disassemble and remove modular classroom buildings that have been a reality for students for more than two decades.

The 2016 Bond Program prioritized building expansions for both Westminster elementary schools to eliminate the need for the mobile classrooms. The start of the removal process in June was a tangible fulfillment of that promise even as contractors continue to construct the new building additions scheduled for an August completion. Arapahoe Ridge will add 12 classrooms and Cotton Creek will add eight. 

The four modular buildings at Arapahoe Ridge and three at Cotton Creek were sold to private businesses/organizations. The money from the sales will defer some project costs, including restorative site work where the mobile classrooms have sat. 

JHL Constructors is handling both construction and renovation projects.

With a little over a month to go until both building expansions and interior renovation work are expected to be completed, here are updates on both projects.

Arapahoe Ridge 

Drywall installation is wrapping up in the 12-classroom building expansion with finishing work now expected to follow. Exterior brick work began the last week of June. Grading is under way for the new school playground with installation anticipated to begin in early July. New classroom carpet and corridor tile is now ready to be installed. 

Cotton Creek

Drywall work, including tape and finish, is complete inside the building's eight-classroom addition. Exterior brick work was about 99 percent complete as of the last week of June. Framing is complete in a pair of kindergarten rooms to be converted to Significant Support Needs classrooms. Corridor carpet has been removed and new tile is ready to be installed in early July. New window/door units for each classroom are also being installed.