STEM Lab staff gets sneak peek as construction nears finish

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 12:45pm

Two-year project remains on pace for August 2019 completion

Nearly two years after it began, the STEM Lab renovation and expansion project is steaming toward an August 2019 completion.

The finale of the two-year project was running ahead of schedule in April with much of the work focused on interior finishes such as painting, lighting, ceiling tiles and classroom cabinetry. 

STEM Lab Construction Update - April 2019

Current STEM Lab teachers and staff as well as new teachers joining the expanded school for the 2019-20 school year looked inside the latest expansion to the building during an April construction tour. The school's uniquely shaped and spacious library drew plenty of "oohs" and "awes." Bright splashes of color and large collections of windows also brought raves. 

The renovation and expansion of the STEM Lab building in Northglenn, which served for several decades as a district middle school, was identified as a key project in the 2016 Bond Program. Rather than deal with the larger costs involved in the scrape and rebuild of the more than 40-year-old building, the district worked with architects and contractors to develop a plan to preserve and renovate the core of the building (cafeteria, gymnasium), demolish the west side of the building and build two 25,000-square-foot expansions. 

The project actually meets two bond program goals. It updates an aging building and gives students a safe, warm and dry environment to learn. It also provides expanded STEM learning opportunities for students across the district. When the school's renovation and reconstruction is completed, it will allow enrollment to grow from 475 current students to an anticipated 720 students across the Five Star District. 

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