Thunder Vista gets unique touches with building finish work

Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 12:15pm

New school approaches four months from construction completion

The new Thunder Vista P-8 is now a little more than four months away from its estimated substantial completion date of July 16. And, as completion moves closer each day, the building continues to come alive with the design characteristics that will define it as a learning community instead of the massive construction project it is now.

In March, contractors continued to grind down concrete building corridors to a final polished shine as tiles were installed along the lower half of hallway walls. Casework and sinks now occupy walls inside preschool classrooms. Classroom carpeting is also expected to begin in April. The structure for the large gathering stair that overlooks the school's large commons area - a prominent design feature of the school - was installed in early March with the concrete steps being poured toward the end of the month.

Plastic sheets that hang from the building's front entrance will eventually be replaced by large glass windows and entry doors. The tall, bright entryway will feature a secured entry vestibule where school visitors can - in some cases - conduct business with office staff and never need to enter the main building. Retractable basketball hoops with crisp white nets hang in the school's gymnasium along with a divider curtain that will allow the gym to be subdivided for activities. Installation of the gym floor will begin in mid to late April with bleacher installation scheduled for May.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP) is building the new school, which is scheduled to open in August and serve preschool through eighth grade students. 

March Highlights

  • Continued drywall installation 
  • Continued finish work (tile, paint, polished concrete flooring)
  • Installation of basketball hoops and divider curtain in gym
  • Construction of gathering stair above large commons area and pouring of steps
  • Continued window installation
  • Continued exterior brick veneer work
  • Delivery of kitchen equipment
  • Paving of upper school parking lot
  • Classroom casework installation begins
  • Exterior site work (playgrounds, upper parking lot paving, irrigation water line installation)

Looking ahead to April

  • Start of elevator assembly 
  • Start of carpet installation
  • Start of installation of gym floor
  • Drywall installation continues
  • Exterior brick work continues
  • Continued exterior site work and landscaping (playground, irrigation water line installation,)

The new preschool through eighth-grade facility is being built on a 13-acre site in Anthem Highlands, a planned community of about 2,600 residential units, located near state Highway 7 and Interstate 25. The school is eventually expected to serve between 900 – 1,000 students.

The construction of the new school is possible thanks to voter support of a $350 million school construction bond in November 2016.

Thunder Vista P-8 Aerial View - March 2018