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Construction - Here we go! With the planning and design phase complete, construction is underway at your school to accomplish the individual projects of your school's investment plan.

Latest Updates

Adams 12 Five Star Schools charter schools are completing their expenditure of funds allocated as part of the 2016 Bond Program.

District-authorized charter schools received a percentage of the bond. Funding received was based on a per-pupil allocation formula built on the number of in-district students the school serves minus the capital construction funding they may already receive from the state. Formula: (Bond Amount * Space Offset / In-District Pupils) – (Capital Construction Assistance * Years) = Per Pupil Allocation. 

Since the Five Star District is not responsible for ongoing charter school facility maintenance, charters were given one-time funding. Like all schools, charters could only use bond funding for capital expenditures like new buildings, maintenance, etc. It could not be used for operational costs like salaries or instructional materials. To review what facility needs charters addressed with bond funding, see the flyers below or contact the charter schools directly.