Leroy Elementary School

1451 Leroy Drive, Northglenn, CO, 80233 - 720-972-5460 - Website
Leroy Building 2016
Project rating - 2 $2.7-$3.1M
Project rating - 2

Construction - Here we go! With the planning and design phase complete, construction is underway at your school to accomplish the individual projects of your school's investment plan.

Latest Updates

Bond improvement work at Leroy is taking place in Summer 2019. 

Work includes:

  • Improvements to our playground area including a fenced in preschool playground
  • A brand new rubber floor for our gymnasium
  • Important restoration work in our crawlspace area, plumbing system repairs, HVAC upgrades and electrical upgrades.
  • Delivery of additional Chromebooks through Instructional Upgrades money to make Leroy a 1:1 technology school for 2-5th grade

Construction Start Year(s) 

2019: Crawlspace work as listed below in building structure; plumbing, HVAC and electrical upgrades as listed below in building systems/safety & security; playground work as listed below equipment & furnishings; gym floor replacement as listed below in building interiors; and walkway repairs as listed below in school grounds

2020: Skylight replacement as listed below in building structure; technology installation as listed below in building systems/safety & security; all proposed work as listed below in early childhood education, and renovations & remodels 

*Timeline for Instructional Upgrades is dependent on the specific upgrades selected by our school community. More information to follow.

Project Team

Architect: RB+B Architects (playground improvements)

Construction Manager/General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction (playground improvements)

Building Structure

  • Repair building structure and systems in the crawlspace
  • Replace failing skylight systems

Building Interiors

  • Replace gym floor

Equipment & Furnishings

  • Replace playground for greater safety and ADA accessibility

Building Systems / Safety & Security

  • Replace deteriorating sewer system components
  • Replace failing water lines
  • Upgrade electrical components to avoid building power loss and learning disruptions
  • Upgrade heating and cooling systems for efficiency and more consistent temperature control for comfort
  • Install electronic card access to promote a safe and secure building
  • Install digital security camera system

School Grounds

  • Repair/restore failing sidewalks and stairs

Early Childhood Education

  • Expand learning opportunities for students ages 3-5

Renovations & Remodels

  • Repair or replace specials (music, art, gym) program components such as wall panels, ceiling tiles, flooring and program specific equipment

Instructional Upgrades

  • Each school is provided with funding for instructional upgrades that will be determined through a collaborative process with the school and community. Categories can include furniture, technology, space modifications, safety & security upgrades and specials/electives.