Mountain View Elementary School

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Mountain View Building 2016
Project rating - 1 $1.7-2.0M
Project rating - 1

Complete - New and improved! We're excited to say, your investment plan is now complete. This process was a collaborative effort. With your help, we're engaging and inspiring all students to innovate to achieve and succeed in a safe environment.

Latest Updates

Bond improvement continue at Mountain View Elementary in Summer 2020 and included:

  • Roof repair work

Mountain View Elementary received significant renovations and improvements in Summer 2018 as part of the 2016 Bond Program.

Work included a combination of nearly $2 million in critical building system and infrastructure improvements (such as replacement of deteriorating sewer system components, crawlspace repairs as well as safety and security upgrades) to priorities identified through the Design Advisory Group process (such as reconfigurations of building space, new interior paint and improvements to specials programs). Mountain View also received a new secured entry vestibule.

Construction Start Year(s) 

2018: Major construction took place in Summer 2018 - COMPLETED

2020 - Roof repair work - COMPLETED

Building Structure

  • Corrections to chronic drainage problems around the exterior of the building and playground - COMPLETED 
  • Repair/restore roof sections to extend service life - COMPLETED 
  • Critical building infrastructure repairs including repair of wear on crawlspace beams and structure and improvements to crawlspace ventilation - COMPLETED 
  • Replacement of unitized classroom entries (door/window assemblies) at multiple classrooms including music and Deaf Hard of Hearing (DHH) space - COMPLETED 
  • Repair or replacement of exterior doors and windows - COMPLETED 

Building Interiors

  • Reconfiguartion of Deaf Hard of Hearing (DHH) Program Classroom Wing including addition of ADA-accessible bathroom with changing table, washer and dryer - COMPLETED 
  • Complete replacement of lighting and ceiling in Library Media Center - COMPLETED 
  • Replacement of operable partition between gym and cafeteria - COMPLETED 

Building Systems / Safety & Security

  • New secured entry vestibule for all visitors to the school - COMPLETED 
  • Replace deteriorating sewer system components - COMPLETED 
  • New exterior and interior digital security cameras - COMPLETED 

School Grounds

  • Sidewalk replacement from main entry courtyard west to playground - COMPLETED 

Capacity / Overcrowding

  • Build a new school in the Anthem neighborhood to address community growth and prevent future overcrowding COMPLETED 

Renovations & Remodels

  • Reconfigure student restrooms near office to provide ADA accessibility for students - COMPLETED 
  • New permanent walls in school art room - COMPLETED 
  • New, larger storage room for art room and new sink with solids interceptor - COMPLETED 

Instructional Upgrades

  • Mounted digital projectors and classroom audio systems in the majority of classrooms and additional student Chromebooks - COMPLETED 

*Each school is provided with funding for instructional upgrades that will be determined through a collaborative process with the school and community. Categories can include furniture, technology, space modifications, safety & security upgrades and specials/electives.