North Mor Elementary School

9580 Damon Drive, Northglenn, CO, 80620 - 720-972-5540 - Website
North Mor Building 2016
Project rating - 3 $2.2-$2.6M
Project rating - 3

Construction - Here we go! With the planning and design phase complete, construction is underway at your school to accomplish the individual projects of your school's investment plan.

Latest Updates

North Mor will receive a new roof in Summer 2022. This project will be funded with the support of a state of Colorado BEST Grant

North Mor Elementary received significant renovations and improvements in Summer 2018 as part of the 2016 Bond Program.

Work included a combination of nearly $2 million in critical building system and infrastructure improvements (such as replacement of failing building water heater, improvements to building plumbing systems as well as safety and security upgrades) to priorities identified through the Design Advisory Group process (such as reconfigurations of building space, new interior paint and flooring and improvements to specials programs). North Mor also received a new secured entry vestibule.

Construction Start Year(s) 

2017: Design Work
*Some minor improvements, including work related to instructional upgrade purchases, may occur during 2017.

2018: Major construction expected to take place in Summer 2018 with anticipated completion for the start of the 2018-19 school year. - COMPLETED

2022: Roof replacement 

Building Structure

  • Replace roof (2022)

Building Interiors

  • Remove and replace failing flooring in school clinic and select bathrooms - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Replace classroom windows and removed abandoned classroom unit ventilators - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Group bathrooms will be modified to provide an ADA-accessible for boys and for girls - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Provide new staff restroom in classroom wing - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018

Equipment & Furnishings

  • Replace operable partition between cafeteria and gym - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018

Building Systems / Safety & Security

  • A new secured entry vestibule for all visitors to the schools - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Replace kitchen grease interceptor - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Replace deteriorating sewer system components - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Replace failing water heater and storage tank with new water heater - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Replace failing water lines - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Upgrade heating and cooling systems for efficiency and more consistent temperature control for comfort - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • New electronic card readers for safe and secure building access - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • New exterior and digital security cameras - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018

Renovations & Remodels

  • Relocation of BASE office to location closer to school cafeteria - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Improvement of cafeteria acoustics - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Replacement of gym light fixtures - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Reconfigure music room and two adjacent learning specialist classrooms to create large music room with improved acoustics - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Relocation of art room to more accessible location in building - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Relocation of art kiln from exterior to interior location - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018
  • Replaced glued-on acoustic ceiling tiles in classrooms - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018

Instructional Upgrades

  • Mounted digital projectors and classroom audio systems in the majority of classrooms as well as Chromebooks, iPads and teacher laptops - COMPLETED SUMMER 2018

* Each school is provided with funding for instructional upgrades that will be determined through a collaborative process with the school and community. Categories can include furniture, technology, space modifications, safety & security upgrades and specials/electives.