Westlake Middle School

2800 W. 135th Avenue, Broomfield, CO, 80020 - 720-972-5200 - Website
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Project rating - 2 $2.6-$3.0M
Project rating - 2

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Latest Updates

The Westlake Middle School bond renovation project is currently in the design phase. A Design Advisory Group (DAG) has been formed to help the design team define the preliminary scope of potential renovation and remodel work. As part of this process, DAG members will establish a list of priorities for the expenditure of money from the school's budgets for general renovations as well as art and music renovation upgrades. This does not include money already designated for identified critical deferred maintenance needs and safety and security upgrades. This construction work is anticipated to begin in Summer 2019.

Construction Start Year(s) 

2019: All proposed work listed below in building structure [minus roof repairs], building interiors, building systems/safety & security, school grounds, and renovations & remodels

2021: Roof repairs as listed below in building structure

Project Team

Architect3890 Design

Construction Manager/General ContractorHausmann Construction

Building Structure

  • Repair/restore roof sections to extend service life
  • Repair, patch and paint exterior doors and windows to extend service life

Building Interiors

  • Replace failing flooring in critical locations

Building Systems / Safety & Security

  • Improve cafeteria/kitchen plumbing components
  • Replace deteriorating sewer system components
  • Replace failing water heater and storage tanks
  • Install electronic card access to promote a safe and secure building
  • Upgrade fire alarm control system
  • Improve security camera system

School Grounds

  • Repair/restore failing sidewalks and stairs

Renovations & Remodels

  • Remodel priority items, such as ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors, painting upgrades, paving restoration, lunch rooms, classrooms and bathrooms *Significant Renovation
  • Repair or replace arts program items such as easels, pottery wheels, kilns, drafting/drawing stools, airbrush stations, group work stations and A/V systems
  • Repair or replace music program items such as instrument storage, practice rooms, risers & platforms, acoustic enhancements, auditorium components and A/V systems

Instructional Upgrades

  • Each school is provided with funding for instructional upgrades that will be determined through a collaborative process with the school and community. Categories can include furniture, technology, space modifications, safety & security upgrades and specials/electives.