School Connectivity Project

Updated on Mon, 12/13/2021 - 9:32am

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This project was completed in Summer 2021.


School Connectivity Project cuts path across district - December 2018

District School Connectivity Project underway - August 2018

About This Project

The 2016 Bond Program identified the improvement of technology through the installation of a new district-wide dark fiber network to improve school network and Internet connectivity. Following the passage of the bond, the district examined multiple options for the implementation of this new network, including potential lease options (similar to past district practice) or the construction of a new self-provisioned district network.

In Spring 2018, the district selected contractor Henkels & McCoy to construct the infrastructure for this district-owned and operated network. The district, while consulting with a number of internal and external stakeholders, identified several key factors in the decision to construct a self-provisioned network.

  • Future network expansion - With a self-provisioned network, the district can construct a network to meet its needs now but with the fiber capacity to meet connectivity needs of the future.
  • Long-term ownership - While leased fiber options are generally subject to 20-year terms that would eventually require the district to re-bid for services at a potentially higher cost, a self-provisioned network would be a district asset where the district retains ownership and control beyond a 20 year timeframe.
  • Future educational opportunities - The district anticipates that over the life of this network, there will be both educational needs for the network and new currently unknown educational opportunities the network can be used for. A self-provisioned network would allow the district to pursue these opportunities.
  • Community partnership opportunities - A self-provisioned network offers the district the opportunity to engage with community partners, such as cities and counties within district boundaries on potential collaboration including fiber, infrastructure or right-of-way exchanges. These dialogues have already been started with these governmental partners and will continue as this new network is constructed.

Construction Start Year(s) 

  • District Schools/Facilities Outside Plant Work - Installation of underground conduit on School District property: (August 2018 through December 2018)
  • District Schools/Facilities Inside Plant Work - Installation of conduit inside District Schools / Facilities, typically from outside of school to MITER/MDF room in building: (August 2018 through December 2019)
  • Right-of-Way Outside Plant Work - Installation of approximately 90 miles of conduit in public Right-of-Way, providing connections to conduit installed on District School/Facility property: (December 2018 through December 2019)
  • Fiber Installation/Testing - Installation of fiber optic cable into new conduit: (March 2019 through January 2020)

Project Team

Contractor: Henkels & McCoy

Due to the size of this project and the path contractors will use to construct this network, construction crews will often be working in public right-of-ways and neighborhoods. While a goal of this project is to minimize the impact on the community, we encourage you to contact us at (720) 972-6029 to report any immediate issues or concerns. For general information on this project, please email

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