Summer 2019 Bond Projects

Updated on Wed, 07/31/2019 - 10:01am

An unprecedented amount of bond construction work is beginning to wind down across the Five Star District as the focus turns to preparing schools to welcome back students in August.

More than $90 million in bond improvements have taken place at more than 30 schools and facilities in Summer 2019 from upgrades to building systems to interior building renovations to playground improvements.

Projects included the start of construction on FutureForward at Washington Square, the district's second career and technical education campus; the completion of a two-year renovation of STEM Lab in Northglenn; larger second phases of work at Horizon and Northglenn high schools and renovation and repair projects at schools and facilities across the district.

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Some examples of the repair and renovation work that will take place at schools includes:

  • Critical building systems improvements including plumbing repairs and mechanical systems such as building HVAC
  • Safety and security improvements such as replacement and installation of digital security cameras, new building electronic card reader access and security improvements to building front entrances
  • Playground improvements
  • Renovations and upgrades to buildings and school specials programs as outlined by school Design Advisory Groups

New Construction

Start of construction on second Career and Technical Education Campus (anticipated start: Summer 2019)

Ongoing Projects

School/Facility Renovation Work


Middle School

High School


Instructional Upgrades

A number of schools have prioritized the installation of new classroom technology (interactive projectors, classroom sound amplification systems, document cameras, new teacher computers and new whiteboards that support interactivity). Schools receiving full or partial classroom technology installations in Summer 2019 include:

  • Horizon High School

  • Hulstrom K-8

  • Malley Drive

  • Meridian Elementary

  • North Mor Elementary

  • Legacy High School

  • Thornton Elementary

  • Thornton High School

  • Stellar Elementary 

  • Silver Hills Middle

  • The Studio School

  • Vantage Point/Crossroads

Other Projects

School Connectivity Project

The process for bond building improvements at a school or facility generally involves the selection of a project architect to lead the design process, a contractor to handle the physical implementation of improvements and the creation of a school-appointed Design Advisory Group (DAG). A Design Advisory Group is a committee of school stakeholders, which can include school staff, parents and community members, who work with the project design team to identify priorities especially when it comes to less defined aspects of a school's bond improvements such as money set aside for building renovations, specials programs upgrades (elementary) and art, theater and music improvements (secondary level). 

Recent News

Welding students playing role in new CTE campus construction

Thursday, December 19, 2019 - 9:00am

Bollman students building welding booths for new campus

Construction is continuing on the new FutureForward at Washington Square campus, expected to open in the 2020-2021 school year.

And, while construction workers are helping the new campus in Thornton take shape, welding students at the existing Bollman Technical Education Center are getting to play an important role in the construction process and putting their welding skills to work ...

Walls go up on FutureForward campus construction

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 8:45am

New CTE campus expected to open in 2020-21 school year

Construction on the FutureForward at Washington Square took a large, visible step forward in November.

The 67 massive, pre-cast concrete panels for the high-bay learning spaces that will house diesel automotive, welding and construction programs were installed throughout the month of November. Construction in the month of December will included the pouring of concrete slabs and the ...