2019-20 Family Survey Results

Submitted on Fri, 01/24/2020 - 1:50pm
Family-School Relationships Survey Results 2019

Thank you for taking the annual Family-School Relationships Survey. Your feedback will provide insight that allows us to measure year-over-year trends for your school and the district to ensure we are best serving you and your child. Evaluating how well we are doing is central to living out our strengths and goals in our new strategic plan, ELEVATE, so we encourage you to provide valuable feedback on where we are succeeding and where we can improve.

2019-20 Survey Results for Your School

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Look for your school to communicate areas of strength and opportunity from the feedback you provided by the end of the year.

District Insight 

While the survey results are specific to your child's school, the district takes the opportunity to look at family and school relationships at the district level. As we look at the data at the district level, we frame the feedback around our new strategic plan, ELEVATE. The plan outlines three major strategic goals: academic achievement, climate and culture, and social-emotional well-being.

  • Academic Achievement: The ELEVATE goal looks at raising achievement levels and rigor for all students. Looking at the family survey, 91 percent of families say that their child will be at least somewhat likely to try again if they fail at an important goal, showing students are growing to be problem solvers and rigorous learners. In addition, on how motivating lessons are for children, positive responses are up three percent from last year. An area to improve would be where only 65 percent of families say that their child is being prepared “quite” or “extremely” well for their next school year. How do we ensure that the positive data showing students’ growth from year to year lines up with families’ perception.
  • Climate and Culture: The ELEVATE goal speaks of creating a culture that students, parents and staff take pride in. From the family survey, 75 percent of families say that based on their cultural background their child’s school is a good fit and 84 percent say the school is welcoming. As a district, we rank far above the national average for family involvement in schools (visiting, volunteering, etc.) and our greatest increase from last year was in areas where the district creates environments for families to advocate and assist in learning, up four percent from last year. One area we are working on is compared to national data, questions on school fit and school climate are still in the 30-40th percentile as compared to other districts (even while showing increases this year for our district). As we implement ELEVATE, how can we see increases compared to our peers?
  • Social-Emotional Well-Being: The ELEVATE goal focuses on ensuring students are known and cared for beyond academics. The family survey shows that 87 percent of families express feeling some belonging in their school and 96 percent of families say students enjoy school “a little bit” to a “tremendous” amount, which is up from last year. One area to improve on is that only 67% of families say that schools are creating an environment that helps children learn “quite well” or “extremely well”. However, this is up two percent from last year.

Winners of the Survey Competition!

For a fun challenge to encourage families to take the survey, schools competed against other like schools in receiving the most completed surveys. Schools were grouped with other similar schools by level and demographics and competed for a chance to win seed money for a celebration with students and families at the schools.

Winners were in two categories: highest percentage of families taking the survey per school community; and highest percentage of growth between number of families taking the survey for a particular school last year versus this year.

  • Overall winner for highest percentage of families taking the survey: McElwain
  • Overall winner for highest growth of amount of survey takers from last year to this year: Federal Heights

View all the other winners in each grouping of schools and overall winners for growth.