Learning Models

Updated on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 11:05am


Adams 12 Five Star Schools returns to in-person/hybrid learning on Monday, Jan. 25. A full-time remote option remains available for families who previously selected it. 

Learning Models 

Families selected the preferred learning model for child(ren) for both the fall semester and the spring semester. 

In-person/Hybrid Learning Model

  • Preschool: Full-time in-person, four days/week. 

  • Elementary School Level (Grades K-5): Full-time, five days/week in person with a teacher. Students remain in classroom cohorts for the majority of the day, even when in large spaces with other cohorts (lunch, recess)

  • Middle and High School Levels (Grades 6-12): Hybrid in-person for students at the secondary level.

  • Students at K-8 schools follow the appropriate learning model above based on their grade level. 

Full-Time Remote Learning Model

  • Full-time remote learning option remains available for the remainder of the school year for families that selected this model for their child based on need or preference.

Onward Guides

The district has two Onward guides that outline key guidelines and details for families based on the learning model they selected for their child for the school year.

  • In the Return to In-Person Learning Guide, families can familiarize themselves with health and safety guidelines in place, enhanced cleaning and ventilation protocols, classroom and building set up, visitor management, etc. 
  • In the Remote Learning Guide, families can review the current remote learning model by grade level with minor adjustments to the elementary daily schedule based on feedback from students, staff and families.


Return to In-person Learning Guide

In-person guide cover
In-person guide cover
Return to In-person Learning Guide Regreso al Aprendizaje Presencial

Continued Remote Learning Plan

Remote Learning Plan cover
Remote Learning Plan cover
Continued Remote Learning Plan Plan de Aprendizaje Remoto Continuado


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