Board accepts new fall semester learning model

Friday, September 11, 2020 - 9:45am
fall learning

Families must select their enrollment option by Sept. 14

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The Board of Education unanimously approved Superintendent Chris Gdowski’s learning model recommendation for the remainder of the fall semester during a special board meeting on Thursday, Sept. 10. 

The new learning model will go into effect Monday, Sept. 28.

Important things to note about the new learning model:

  • Elementary School Level (Grades K-5): In-person Model - Full time, five days/week in person with a certified Five Star teacher.

  • Middle and High School Level (Grades 6-12): Hybrid Model - 2 days in person with a certified Five Star teacher, 3 days remote (remote learning days will be 2 days asynchronous and Wednesdays synchronous/live teacher-led).  

  • Preschool will follow its current hybrid model. 

  • A full-time remote learning option taught by certified Five Star teachers will remain available for families who prefer that model based on need or preference.

  • In-person Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at FutureForward at Bollman and Washington Square will be available for families who select either learning model. (Updated 9/14)
  • Regardless of the learning model (in-person or remote learning) you choose, your child may not have the same teacher(s) that they currently have.

Visit 2020-2021 Fall Semester Continued Learning Model for more information

Learning Model Selection Form

As we transition to the new learning model, families now must select their learning model choice for each of their children for the remainder of the fall semester by completing the following form. 

>>>Complete the Learning Model Selection Form Now

This form must be completed by the end of the day, Monday, Sept. 14. 

Important things to know as you complete this form:

  • Families have the option to select an in-person (full-time Grades K-5 or hybrid Grades 6-12) or full-time remote learning model for each child. See learning model details by level listed above. 

  • Families must select a learning model for each child. Keep in mind, the option selected for each child will be the learning model they will follow for the remainder of the semester (Sept. 28 through Dec. 17). 

  • There will be adjustments to teacher and student assignments in order to ensure appropriate staffing levels for both the remote and in-person learning models. 

  • This form gives you the ability to enter information for up to four children. If you have more than four children you will have the option to submit more at the end. 

  • Families eligible for transportation services will receive a follow up email later today to request transportation for in-person learning if needed. Spots will be limited due to health guidelines for physical distancing. 

  • Learning Pods will no longer be in place at elementary, middle and K-8 schools following this learning model transition.

  • Preschool will continue its current hybrid model and no action is required by preschool parents at this time. 

Key dates:

  • Monday, Sept. 28: New remote learning assignments begin for full-time remote learning students and staff.

  • Between Monday, Sept. 28 & Wednesday, Sept. 30: Schools host in-person orientation sessions for in-person/hybrid students. 

  • Thursday, Oct. 1: 

    • Elementary and K-8 Schools (Grades K-5): In-person instruction with a teacher begins full-time for students.  

    • Middle, High and K-8 Schools (Grades 6-12): Hybrid learning (in-person instruction with a teacher) begins with Group A attending in person on Thursday (10/1) and Friday (10/2) and Group B attending remotely on those days. More details about hybrid schedules is forthcoming.

*The learning plans for district charter schools may be different, families with students in charter schools do not need to submit this form. Please check with your child’s charter school for more information.