Updated health & safety guidance and CMAS update

Thursday, April 1, 2021 - 3:45pm
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Positive news stories highlighting both staff and students across the district

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Dear Five Star Community, 

We are sending weekly updates as a consistent way to provide important information. This communication is designed to consolidate updates for you into one weekly email. 

Topics in this update: 

  • Health & Safety

    • Updated health and safety guidance *New*

    • Update on COVID Testing Options *New*

  • Learning Operations

    • CMAS Update *New*

    • Make-up Learning Days for Snow Days

  • Positive News Stories - Westview’s Head Custodian named as a finalist for National Custodian of the Year

  • Family Reminders & Upcoming Events

    • Building Healthy Communities - Becoming a Trusted Adult for Youth *New*

    • Summer BASE Programs *Register Now*

    • Meal Distribution 

  • Now Hiring for Various Preschool Positions 

Health & Safety

As the vaccination process expands, health and safety guidance continues to change. We expect this to continue as we move into April. 

We will continue to use this weekly update as a way to share pertinent changes. We would ask for your patience as these changes often come rapidly and it takes time to identify their related impact on school and district operations. 

Below is a recap of the latest information.

What’s New

  • On-site Temperature Checks: Based on public health findings, it has been determined that there is a low percentage of COVID cases where a fever is present. With this new guidance, temperature checks will no longer occur at schools at any level.

    Keep in mind, temperature checks were only one component of many health and safety measures in place at our schools. Parents should do daily health screenings of your student at home prior to arriving at school. As always if your child is experiencing COVID-symptoms, they should remain home while sick and contact your school. 

What Remains the Same 

What Information Is Still Coming

  • Face Covering Guidance - We continue to monitor any information on potential changes to the state mask mandate. We believe that, regardless of any changes, students and staff will continue to wear face coverings through the end of the school year.

  • Building Visitors - We anticipate sharing new guidance for visitors to buildings soon. 

  • Information on general end-of-the-year events - We continue to work with both our schools and public health partners to build plans for these customary end-of-year events and look forward to sharing new information soon.  

Update on COVID Testing Options
Mobile saliva-based COVID testing for staff and students has ended. The district will now rely on state-provided BINAXNow Home Testing Kits as a testing option for symptomatic students. These test kits will be provided on a school-by-school basis. 

Families and staff can also continue to get tested at active COVIDCheck Colorado locations or you can find other free COVID testing locations in the metro area.

Learning Operations 

CMAS Update
District parents received an email update earlier this week indicating the federal government had accepted a state waiver on required testing for Spring 2021. 

Based on the federal waiver students are required to take:

  • CMAS English Language Arts (ELA) assessment in grades 3, 5 and 7

  • CMAS Math assessment in grades 4, 6 and 8 

  • CMAS Science assessment in grade 8 

  • PSAT in grades 9 and 10 

  • SAT in grade 11  

Parents/guardians still have the right to opt their children out of all state assessments. There will also be the opportunity for parents/guardians of third through eighth-grade students to opt in for optional assessments in ELA or Math, depending on the required assessment at each grade level.

Based on the late notification of this federal waiver, school staff will do the following based on information already received about parent opt outs.

  • If you have already opted your child out of testing and still want to opt your child out of testing, you do not need to take further action. Your child will not take the assessments you opted out of this spring.
  • If you opted your child out of testing this spring and you now would like your child to take the required and/or optional assessment(s) for his or her grade level, please contact your child’s school by Friday, April 2.

  • If you did not opt your child out of testing, he or she will only take the required assessment(s) at his or her grade level. If you would like your child to also take the optional assessment at his or her grade level, please contact your child’s school by Friday, April 2.

More information about the CMAS assessment can be found at cde.state.co.us/assessment/resources. Otherwise, please contact your student’s school if you have any questions.


Make-up Learning Days for Snow Days
With input from the Onward Committee which includes district and school administrators, teachers and support staff, the two make-up days for in-person and remote learners for the snow days called last month are scheduled as follows:

  • Elementary Grades (K-5): May 7 and May 14

  • Secondary Grades (6-11): May 19 and May 26 

  • K-8 Schools

    • Grades (K-5): May 7 and May 14

    • Grades (6-8): May 14 and May 26

Your school will communicate the details of each day’s schedule. 

Positive News Stories

Good news banner

Five Star Students and Staff Making a Difference!
We have great news stories to share from across the district - from our amazing staff to our stand out students!

  • After years of hard work and training, a Horizon sophomore earned his first-degree black belt and completed some amazing community service!

  • Westview’s Head Custodian Mr. Robert Buster has been named as a finalist for National Custodian of the Year. He has gone above and beyond for his community, including donating his time and money, hosting family movie nights, dressing up as the school mascot and so much more! Thank you for all that you do, Mr. Buster!

See these positive news stories and many more on our website

Share a positive news story
Help us celebrate the wonderful students, educators and staff across the Five Star District! Add to our collection of positive news to be shared with the greater Five Star Community; submit an uplifting story about a student, educator, school or other staff member today! 

Family Reminders & Upcoming Events

Building Healthy Communities - Becoming a Trusted Adult for Youth
As we support youth on their journey through development, navigating conversations with them can often feel difficult. Yet, it is critical for youth to have trusted adults that they know will be willing and able to provide support and understanding and answer questions with accurate information. 

Join Five Star staff virtually on Thursday, April 15 from 6:30-8 p.m. as we learn how to use trusted adult strategies to have conversations with youth about difficult subjects - everything from cleaning your room to resisting peer pressure. We think you’ll find these strategies helpful, whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, coach, or other trusted adult. For more information and to RSVP visit www.adams12.org/bhc


Register for Base graphic

Summer BASE Program
The Summer BASE Program provides opportunities for our students to connect with others, allowing youth to engage and explore through various activities like nutrition education, arts & crafts, science, math and literacy activities, daily physical activity, organized games, and creative free-time play (while following safety protocols).

> Operates June 2 - Aug. 6, 2021

> Open Monday-Friday, 7:15 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

> Students will attend two off-site field trips each week. Field trips will be thoughtfully selected to allow for physical distancing and COVID safety protocols.

Find more info and register now: https://www.adams12.org/base/summer-base

Meal Distribution 
Free school meals continue to be available for all 1-18 year olds in the Five Star community. For more information, including times and locations, visit https://www.adams12.org/freeschoolmeals.

Now Hiring for Various Preschool Positions 

hiring preschool

The Five Star District is hiring preschool site leaders, early childhood teachers, and early childhood teaching assistants. Apply today by visiting https://www.adams12.org/TeachPreschool.


*Keep in mind, the plans for district charter schools may be different. Please check with your child’s charter school for more information.