Onward: Remote Learning

Updated on Wed, 08/12/2020 - 4:27pm


Onward: Remote Learning

How is this different than last spring?

We understand that, based on your experience with remote learning this past spring, you may have questions about how much you, as parent and guardians, will be expected to support your child’s daily learning. While parents/guardians will still need to be available to help students navigate technology, such as logging on to a class, they will not be expected to sit beside their child throughout the daily instruction. 

Remote learning this fall will include more synchronous (live/teacher-led) instruction during standard school day hours. This means, to the extent possible, student schedules will mirror what they would in a brick and mortar classroom. Teachers will guide students through lessons, activities, assignments and group work during portions of the day similar to how they would in the physical classroom. 

This new remote learning approach is designed to lessen the burden on parents and guardians to facilitate daily learning. It is, however, important to keep in mind, the amount of support may vary based on your child’s age and experience with technology. 

Remote learning this fall will:

  • Be mostly synchronous (live/teacher-led) and follow a common daily schedule.

  • Include streamlined technology tools and platforms so families and students aren’t juggling as many logins. 

  • Be based on a curriculum specifically designed for online use. 

  • Have targeted, scheduled in-person options for students. 

  • Require daily attendance by students, measured by a direct interaction with teachers.

  • Have additional supports for special populations, including English language learners and students on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), 504s or Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).

  • Provide remote learning tutorials for parents and students. (Available next week.) 

  • Include daily assignments and homework aligned to what is appropriate for the student’s grade level. 


Onward: Remote Learning with Supplemental In-Person Opportunities guide

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