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Updated on Fri, 09/18/2020 - 1:40pm

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What will remote learning look like this fall?

Remote learning this fall will include more synchronous (live/teacher-led) instruction during standard school day hours. During synchronous instruction, teachers will guide students through lessons, activities, assignments and group work during portions of the day similar to how they would in the physical classroom. 

This remote learning approach is designed to lessen the burden on parents and guardians to facilitate daily learning. It is, however, important to keep in mind, the amount of support students will need from their families may vary based on your their age and experience with technology. 

Remote learning this fall will:

  • Include synchronous (live/teacher-led) instruction and follow a common daily schedule.
  • Include streamlined technology tools and platforms so families and students aren’t juggling as many logins. 
  • Be based on a curriculum specifically designed for online use. 
  • Require daily attendance by students, measured by a direct interaction with teachers.
  • Have additional supports for special populations, including English language learners and students on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), 504s or Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).
  • Provide remote learning tutorials for parents and students. 
  • Include daily assignments and homework aligned to what is appropriate for the student’s grade level. 


Elementary School Level (Grade K-5)

Based on feedback from families and teachers, the elementary remote learning model launching Sept. 28 will be structured a little differently than it was for the start of the school year.

  • Remote learning will continue to be taught by certified Five Star teachers using an online curriculum.

  • Each day will include a half-day of synchronous (live, interactive and teacher-led) instruction, and a half-day of asynchronous (on-demand, self-paced) learning.

  • The synchronous portion of the day will include time for students to virtually learn and interact with their teacher and classmates. Synchronous learning time will include a combination of whole group instruction, interactive lessons and activities, and time for independent learning/reflection time. Similar to in-person learning schedules, teachers will build in time for breaks, movement activities, and small group activities based on the needs of their classroom of students.

  • Asynchronous learning takes place without real-time interaction. For example, students might have multiple days to complete assigned lessons, and progress at their own pace within that time frame.

  • Students enrolled in the K-5 full-time remote option will have the opportunity to practice skills learned, complete weekly assignments, and reflect on their learning during asynchronous learning time Monday through Friday.  In addition, students may also participate in scheduled small group instruction and/or receive intervention or enrichment support during this time as appropriate. The asynchronous times indicated on a schedule are simply recommendations. Students and families may follow an asynchronous schedule that works best for the needs of their child.

Secondary Level (Grade 6-12)

The full-time remote model for secondary students launching on Sept. 28 will be similar to what students experienced during the first several weeks of this school year, noting that teachers will continually strive to improve the remote learning experience for students. 

  • Students will follow a daily schedule of courses taught online by Five Star teachers.

  • Daily schedules will include time for synchronous (live, interactive and teacher-led) instruction and asynchronous (on-demand, self-paced) learning. Students may also participate in scheduled small group instruction and/or receive intervention or enrichment support during asynchronous learning time as appropriate.

Important Note: Regardless of the learning model (in-person or remote learning) you choose, your child may not have the same teacher(s) that they currently have.


    How do I login to remote learning? 

    Watch the Schoology login video to get started with remote learning:

    How to Access Schoology

    Como ingresar a Schoology

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