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Charter Schools

Phone: 720-972-6959

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools. Charter schools are semi-autonomous schools of choice, authorized and operated under a charter contract between the charter school’s board and the local board of education. Parents interested in enrolling in any Adams 12 Five Star Schools' authorized charter schools should contact the school directly to discuss application and enrollment procedures.

District Charter School Authorizing

Adams 12 Five Star Schools strives to provide quality charter school authorizing based on these principles:

  • Maintaining high expectations for student achievement and overall school performance
  • Protecting student and public interests
  • Recognizing charter school autonomy

The District’s Office of Charter Partnerships maintains quality charter school authorizing principles and supports charter school success through collaboration and annual performance monitoring across multiple areas, including:    

  • Academic growth and achievement
  • Financial accountability and transparency 
  • Organizational performance, including effective governance practices and other opportunities for parent involvement.
  • Positive, safe school climate and culture 
  • Equal access and educational opportunities for all students, including those with special learning needs. 

Charter Schools Authorized by Adams 12 Five Star Schools: