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Health Education Curriculum

Phone: 720-972-4000

Adams 12 Five Star Schools teaches comprehensive health education to help students learn healthy behaviors, concepts and skills. At each grade level, the curriculum consists of age and developmentally appropriate information. 

All lessons that are part of the district’s comprehensive health education curriculum, including the comprehensive sex education lessons, originated from existing, state-approved curriculum and are aligned with Colorado’s Comprehensive Health Academic Standards, which reflect state law. As required by these academic standards and state law, the district’s health education curriculum is comprehensive, medically accurate, age-appropriate and inclusive (i.e., addresses the needs of communities of color; immigrant communities; LGBTQ+ communities; and others whose experiences who have been traditionally left out). C.R.S. 22-1-128(2)(c), (6).

The district follows this sequence for health education in Adams 12 Five Star Schools:

  • 5th grade: Healthy Choices, Healthy Bodies Unit in Science
  • 7th grade: Healthy Decision Making Unit in Science
  • High School: required Health Elective Class

The standards linked below are taught in the fifth grade “Healthy Choices, Healthy Bodies” Unit, the seventh grade “Healthy Decision Making” Unit and High School Health. If a student takes an elective health course in middle school, they will be taught additional standards. 

Fifth Grade Health Curriculum & Academic Standards: 

Seventh Grade Health Curriculum & Academic Standards:

High School Health Curriculum & Academic Standards: 

If you have more questions or want additional details, you are welcome and encouraged to contact your child’s school to set up a time to have a conversation to ask questions and learn more.

Applicable District Policy and Practices

In accordance with District Policy 6220 and state law, parents/guardians have the right to exclude their child from any part or all of this instruction. C.R.S. 22-1-128(3). If you have any questions about this, it is best to start by reaching out to your child’s teacher directly. Please click here to view the district's Comprehensive Human Sexual Education Guidelines.

Curricular Resources

The comprehensive sex education lessons are adapted from resources approved by the Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education (CHSE) Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, including: