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Introduction to AIPAC


Every Title VI program must have a parent advisory committee.  The American Indian Parent Advisory Committee (AIPAC) provides oversight and recommendation of programming to the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Title VI Native American Education Program.  AIPAC in addition to the roles provided under Title VI also puts on a few main events within the district in conjunction with the Title VI program.  The Annual AIPAC Powwow and Graduation Dinner were both developed and run by AIPAC.  

AIPAC Officers for 2019-20 school year are:

Chair:          Tara Gover

Vice Chair:   Lydia Chavez and Shay Cox

Secretary:    Kelly Holmes

Treasurer:     Shawna Talk

Student Rep: Leia Duran and Elizabeth Standing Bear Light in the Lodge

The various Title VI programs rely on the input of all parents and families of children enrolled in Adams 12 Five Star Schools and utilize the unique knowledge of the children's families about their own traditions and culture to instruct the students.  The parent committee is an invaluable resource of information for cultural instructors by either direct knowledge or leads toward other Native American members of the greater Denver metro regions.