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Leadership Abilities

Leadership is the exceptional capability or potential to influence and empower people (e.g., social communication skills, problem solving, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and a sense of responsibility). Leadership is demonstrated by advanced performance, 95th percentile and above, on standardized leadership tests/rubrics. 
Students with leadership potential articulate ideas well, orally and/or in written form, have clear opinions on actions and ideas to pursue, and are able to convince others to carry them out. Leaders may be quiet or extroverted. They are skilled at bringing structure to activities on which they are working, at following through, and at cooperating and getting others to cooperate. Evidence of Leadership (Spanish)

Identification Process for Leadership Abilities:

  • Your child’s school will offer one testing date per academic school year. Please contact your school’s GT Coordinator for this information. Your child may take part in cognitive testing and/or other forms of assessment for gifted identification in Leadership Abilities.

  • The gifted identification process begins with either a recommendation from the parent, teacher, or student. The parent will download, print, and complete the GT Identification: Parent Form (Spanish). The teacher will complete the GT Identification: Teacher Form. The completed forms will then be submitted to the school’s GT Coordinator. In order to be tested on the school’s testing date, the student is required to have a completed parent form, which serves as the permission to test. Parents and students have the opportunity to provide more input through the Parent-School Partnership (Spanish) and the Student Interview (Spanish). 

  • The GT Coordinator will collect a complete Body of Evidence (BOE) for each student being recommended for gifted identification. The BOE may include achievement data, cognitive assessment scores, behavior scales, work samples, or other evidence of advanced performance in the Leadership Domain.

  • In order to identify a student as Gifted in the area of Leadership, the Student Portfolio must include evidence, product(s) or project(s), the student has produced inside or outside of school, which addresses the criteria on the Leadership Rubric through events such as:

    • A high level, highly impactful community service project the student has organized and carried out

    • A club the student has started and sustained (NOT just if they were elected as honor society president, etc.)

    • Some other event/occasion where the student demonstrates exceptional sustained leadership through influential, empowering behaviors (movement, change, organization, etc.)

    • Please see the Gifted Education Leadership Standards by CDE, which are based on the NAGC standards.

  • Evidence of Leadership could include:

    • Flyers, brochures, etc, of the club or event

    • Agenda, minutes, etc. of the meetings

    • Charters, applications, etc. of the club or organization

    • Student journals of the event

    • Video exhibiting the Leadership traits located on the rubric

    • Entries or Leadership Portfolio signed off by a sponsor or supervisor

  • Multiple pieces of evidence may be submitted and the student must complete one Leadership Written Response Sheet for each product submitted for evaluation.

  • Once the testing is complete, the Advanced Academic & Gifted Services Department (AAGS) will review the complete BOE and make a gifted identification determination. Based on the BOE, the student may be identified as gifted in the area of Leadership Abilities. The student may also be placed in the Talent Pool, which means more data needs to be collected over time. The AAGS Department may determine that the student is not gifted at this time.

  • Once an identification determination has been made, a letter is sent home to families. If the student is identified as Gifted, an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) will be created in Infinite Campus (IC). For more information on ALPs click here.