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Advanced Learning Plans

What are the benefits of having an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)?

  • Academically: Awareness for educators to provide appropriate instruction and foster engagement. The ALP is the "roadmap" for instructional planning. 

  • Affectively: Awareness for educators to support social-emotional needs, which can be very different.
  • Environmentally: Opportunities for special events/programming or special provisions. GT students need to interact with like-minded peers in academic and social settings. 

All identified Gifted and Talented students in Adams 12 Five Star Schools will have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) created for them.  Ideally, this is a collaborative process, involving the student, parent, and teacher. Parents of K-8 students will be able to view their child’s ALP through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Parent-teacher conferences are a great place to discuss your child's ALP. Parents will have an opportunity to give feedback to the GT Coordinator or teachers and may suggest further modifications to the ALP. Please scroll down to view high school specific ALP information. See the ALP Timeline for specific dates.

The 3 primary elements of an ALP:

  • At least one learning goal set in your child’s area of strength

  • At least one affective goal to develop your child’s social/emotional needs

  • At least one programming strategy to help your child grow and meet the above goals

Please feel free to contact your building GT Coordinator if you have questions about either the goals set for your child or the programming strategies chosen to best meet those goals.  It would also be a good idea to discuss the ALP goals and strategies with your child.  We would like the ALP to become a collaborative, dynamic document, reflecting the changing needs and goals of all GT students.  

K-8 student ALPs will generally be teacher generated and monitored along with student participation and input. The ALP is a direct link between the student profile created during the identification process and the implementation of programming services matched to the child’s strengths and interests. ALPs are a planning guide for making instructional decisions about materials, programming options and assessments for gifted students based upon strengths, interests, and social-emotional needs. ALPs are critical in the transition of gifted students from one level of schooling to the next and from school to school.

Once a student is identified gifted, the teacher will collect input from both the family and the student to influence goal setting as part of the Advanced Learning Plan (ALP). 

Parent-School Partnership (Spanish)

Student Interview (Spanish)

Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) Fast Facts from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

High school student ALPs will be student generated and monitored along with the support and guidance of teachers and parents. Students will choose their own ALP goals and strategies. Student involvement and understanding of the ALP is an essential part of this process, as students can develop a sense of agency in their learning. In order to better facilitate meaningful collaboration among parents teachers and students, and to foster student ownership of the ALP process, the ALP is integrated with the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) which is required for all high school students, and which is currently housed on Naviance. Parents have access to their student's ICAP in Naviance. 

The intent of the high school ALP process is to:

Empower​ students by giving them choice and voice in setting their own learning goals

● Create more Effective ​collaboration among parents, students, and teachers

● Foster more Efficient ​use of student’s time by integrating the ALP with the ICAP

Resources for the ALP integrated with the ICAP are available here:

For Parents

For Students