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Transition Services

For 18-21 year olds within the Five Star District

Who should seek Transition Services?

  • 18-21 years old and reside within the boundaries of Adams 12 Five Star Schools
  • Have an active Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Have met minimal graduation requirements or are forgoing a high school diploma
  • Have not received a high school diploma from any school district AND
  • Require additional services to meet post-school transition goals based on identified needs


  • Instruction is focused on increasing independence across these domain areas: vocational, residential, community, recreational, and educational
  • Support is provided to families to assist with adult agency linkages and partnerships
  • Job coaching may be provided to students in unpaid, entry-level and volunteer job tryouts
  • Financial, social, behavioral training is provided to students at community recreation and lunch sites


  • Student schedules are flexible and may vary daily and weekly, based on the individual's needs and IEP goals
  • Hours of support will naturally decrease as students demonstrate proficiency


  • Direct Instruction regarding personal finance, appropriate relationships, hygiene, safety, etc. takes place in a classroom in a district building.
  • Unpaid entry-level and volunteer work experiences happen at various locations throughout the community across industries.
  • Recreation takes place at student-directed locations throughout the area.  Paid and free experiences are rotated throughout the year.

Please Note:

  • Services are optional
  • Students complete Transition Services at the end of the semester during which they reach 21, when they have completed all their IEP goals, or when they no longer choose to participate and accept their diploma
  • Diplomas will be dated the semester of the year they complete District 12 Services

Transition Services Dean

Alexis (AJ) Burger-Wallen

Transition Teachers

Tammy Barnes

Gina DiLorenzo

Kelly Hughes

Jason Sutterfield

Sondra Weber

School Psychologist

MB McDermott

Speech Language Pathologist

Christine Loin