Adopted Boundary Guiding Principles

Updated on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 2:21pm

These guiding principles were approved and adopted by the district's Long Range Facility Planning Advisory Committee in April 2017. These guiding principles were established with the input of the Five Star Schools community including a district-wide survey.

1. Accommodate growth

  • Boundaries are changed to alleviate overcrowding in existing schools due to new housing growth.
  • Minimize the use of modular classrooms.
  • Minimize overcrowding so as to not increase class sizes.

2. Minimize the impact on existing schools/students

  • Minimize the decrease/increase of students moved from one school to another.
  • Minimize splitting neighborhood.
  • Minimize feeder split.
  • Evaluate the balance of diversity and socioeconomic factors created by the boundary plan.

3. Minimize future changes in existing school boundaries

  • Using five-year enrollment projections, minimize the number of boundary changes that impact a specific neighborhood.

4. Open/Operate schools with enough enrollment to provide an adequate program

  • Operate schools with enough enrollment to provide adequate programs and to be financially viable.
  • Minimize program changes at schools affected by a boundary change (decrease in enrollment).
  • Evaluate opportunities to accommodate “choice” in schools.
  • Balance the number of students at each school relative to building capacity.

5. Minimize busing

  • Minimize the distance and time a student is bused to schools.
  • Boundaries should be compact and logical.
  • Minimize the number of students bused.

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