Thunder Vista P-8 Boundary Process Timeline

Updated on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 2:26pm

Thanks to the support of the Five Star community, Adams 12 Five Star Schools plans to open a new P-8 school in the Anthem Highlands community in Fall 2018. 

Opening a new school means changing school boundaries to designate an attendance boundary for this new school. The Five Star District supports a community-driven boundary planning process where input is sought to assist in the development of these new boundaries.  The superintendent has charged the Long Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) with creating boundaries for the new Thunder Vista P-8 school in Anthem and to look at other boundary adjustments at the elementary and middle school levels in the northwest part of the district (north of E 136th Ave and west of Interstate 25) that would lead to better meeting the boundary guiding principles.

The following is a timeline for the collection of community input and finalization of Thunder Vista P-8 boundaries

  • Community Input on Guiding Principles  (March 2017)
    As the first step in the process to create boundaries for the P-8 school in Anthem (now named Thunder Ridge P-8) and clean-up the boundary modifications made north of East 136th Avenue and west of I-25, the community determined the guiding principles to be used in developing and evaluating boundary scenarios. In March 2017, 1,032 people provided their feedback by completing an online survey.  Those who participated in the process represented 38 schools and staff from the Educational Support Center (ESC). The Long Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC) considered all of the responses from those surveys.  The community feedback indicated a desire to put the principles in a different priority from the last boundary change process (Silver Hills MS in 2006-2007) as shown here.

  • Development of Boundary Scenarios   (June-September 2017)
    Using the community’s guiding principles, district staff developed 16 scenarios (eight elementary and eight middle school) in summer 2017.  Through the creation of the 16 scenarios, staff identified seven areas of attention for district leadership to consider.  Senior leadership was asked to make a decision on the areas or to defer the decision to LRPAC.  Senior leadership determined nine of the scenarios best aligned with the guiding principles.  These nine scenarios were reviewed by LRPAC at their September 2017 meeting.  After analyzing the scenarios, LRPAC members chose to advance five scenarios (three elementary and two middle school) for public consideration.

  • Community Meetings to Gather Input on  Proposed Scenarios (October 2017)
    LRPAC organized three open houses for the community to view the scenarios, ask questions and evaluate how well the boundary scenarios meet the community’s guiding principles.  As a reminder, the district mailed post cards to all homes in the potentially impacted areas (Anthem, Wildgrass, Quail Creek, Arbour Square and Arbour Commons Apartments) and all students in schools that might be impacted (Centennial, Coyote Ridge, Meridian, Mountain View, Silver Creek, Rocky Top and Westlake). A total of 128 community members completed a survey on the three elementary boundary scenarios and two middle school boundary scenarios at the open houses or via the online survey.
    View the proposed elementary attendance boundary scenarios
    View the proposed middle school attendance boundary scenarios

  • Adapt/Validate Boundary Models (November 2017)
    LRPAC reviews data collected from boundary open houses and online surveys to understand how well community believes proposed boundary scenarios align with Guiding Principles and if development of additional boundary scenarios is necessary.
  • Recommendation to Superintendent (November 2017)
    LRPAC recommends Elementary Scenario B and Middle School Scenario D to Superintendent for consideration.

  • Superintendent makes final attendance boundary decision (December 2017)