Updated on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 4:30pm

Intervention Services aims to provide each student the skills and opportunities to improve their behavior in school. Through educational classes, individual case management and alternative programs, the goal is to reduce the amount of time out of the classroom while still holding the student accountable for his/her choices and behavior.  

Representative stakeholder groups (students, staff, parents, and community members) in Adams 12 Five Star Schools have created a standard of practice as it relates to teaching and managing behavior called The Discipline Matrix.  The information found in the matrix is intended to be a guide for staff members to teach and correct behavior. Lesser management strategies may be  utilized as appropriate.  Repeated acts of misconduct, more serious misconduct and/or extenuating circumstances may warrant a higher-level response.  If you have specific questions regarding the matrix feel free to contact the Office of Intervention Services at 720-972-4146. 

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the expectations and interventions for student behavior at school and school  related activities.  In some situations, students can face disciplinary actions for behavior outside the school environment.  Included in the Code of Conduct under Student Due Process you can find the procedural guidelines for students and parents within the disciplinary process.

Recent News

District applies for 21st Century learning center grant

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 9:30am

Competitive grant to expand The PEAK Learning Center afterschool program

Through March 22, 2018 the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Office of Extended Learning will coordinate preparation of a competitive grant application to expand The PEAK Learning Center afterschool program currently operating at the following elementary schools: Federal Heights, McElwain, and Rocky Mountain. These funds are made available under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) formerly known as ...