Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on Mon, 09/20/2021 - 2:51pm

What is Blueprint 2032? 

Adams 12 Five Star Schools serves five cities: BroomfieldFederal HeightsNorthglennThornton and Westminster. In addition, the district's boundaries include portions of two counties - Adams and Broomfield.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools serves about 37,000 students and employs about 4,600 full- and part-time employees, both instructional and operational. The district has 29 traditional elementary schools (P/K-5), three K-8 magnet schools, one K-5 magnet school, seven middle schools (grades 6-8), five comprehensive high schools, three alternative campuses, and four district-authorized charter schools.

An important aspect of ensuring access, opportunities and a sense of belonging for all students is providing academic pathways and facilities that support this goal. Adams 12 Five Star Schools has partnered with Cooperative Strategies to develop Blueprint 2032, a comprehensive, long range academic plan and facilities plan.

This work is an extension of our ELEVATE Strategic Plan.

What is a Facilities Long Range Plan?

The purpose of the Facilities Long Range Plan (FLRP) is to identify and prioritize the current and future needs of our district’s facilities.  The central outcome of the FLRP is to create a plan and identify the funding needed to provide equitable access to world-class facilities for all Adams 12 stakeholders.   

What is the process and timeline for the Facilities Long Range Plan?

The District embarked on the development of a Facilities Long Range Plan in August 2021.  The District hired Cooperative Strategies (CS), a firm that works with districts across the country in the development and implementation of this plan.  CS will work with the district and the Adams 12 Five Star community to develop a FLRP that aligns with the District’s Elevate Strategic Plan and an Academic Long Range Plan also being developed  The FLRP process includes the collection of data about the district, its utilization and condition of its facilities, and the community’s educational vision. 

We launched our community outreach efforts with our initial Blueprint 2032 Task Force meeting on Sept. 14. This task force is composed of members of our community, businesses, and schools.  We will also have numerous community dialogues that will be at different times and locations through the district to ensure all community members can have their voices heard throughout the process.  

This work will be ongoing throughout the 2021-2022 school year with the goal to present a completed Facilities Long Range Plan to the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of Education in Spring 2022. 

Why are we embarking on this process now? 

The District has embarked on the visioning of its future through the completion of its Elevate Plan and its current work on a separate Academic Long Range Plan. To ensure continuity with these two critical components of the district’s vision, the work on the district’s Facilities Long Range Plan has commenced.

How will the plan be implemented?

This eighth-month process will allow the Five Star Community to provide guidance and recommendations to the Five Star Schools Board of Education by the completion of the 2022 school year. The FLRP that is provided to the Board of Education will also identify next steps following the adoption of the plan.  The Superintendent will move forward with the plan as directed by the board of education.

Who will provide input on the development of the FLRP?

The FLRP team has put in place a structure to develop this plan that incorporates significant community engagement.  The FLRP will be the community’s vision of the facilities it wants to provide for its students.  The process began with the kick-off meeting on Sept. 14  with the Blueprint 2032 Task Force, which includes more than 50 Five Star Schools community, business and district leaders. This committee will receive oversight from district leadership as well as the existing Long Range Planning Advisory Committee (LRPAC).  This will ensure we have a diverse group of voices, providing multiple perspectives to the work that needs to be done to complete the FLRP. The Blueprint 2032 Task Force will do a significant amount of work focusing on district data, using the data to help frame the discussions with the broader community and help to build consensus on the pathway forward. The committee’s work will also be the basis for the survey questions that we will make available to the broader community in Fall 2021 and again in early Spring 2022.

Surveys will be available on-line in both English and Spanish that will seek input from the community on their priorities and vision for the future of Adams 12.  The results of the survey will be incorporated in both the work of the Blueprint 2032 Task Force and Community Dialogue sessions.   

We will have a series of Community Dialogue meetings, at different locations and at different times of the day to provide opportunities with the community to have a voice in the development of the ideas, options and recommendations that will be submitted with the FLRP to the Board of Education. 

Will teachers and administrators have a voice in the process?

Yes, all teachers and administrators are encouraged to participate in the process. A small group of principals, teachers and school staff have been invited to join the Blueprint 2032 Task Force. We will also look for other strategic ways to engage administrators, teachers and school staff about their schools, educational programs and their facility’s capacity. 

Will students have a voice? 

Yes, student voice is critical to the development of this plan. They will have a voice throughout the FLRP process. For example, district high school students have been invited to serve on the Blueprint 2032 Task Force.  We will also have a community survey where students may make their voice heard.  There will be numerous community dialogue opportunities at different times throughout the district and community that will allow for student participation.  

How will you involve the (entire) community in this process?

We will have a series of Community Dialogue meetings, at different locations and at different times of the day to provide opportunities with the community to have a voice in the development of the ideas, options and recommendations that will be submitted with the FLRP to the Board of Education. 

The Five Star Community will also have an opportunity to  share their input through surveys in Fall 2021 and again in early Spring 2022.

How will you ensure engagement with Spanish-speaking community members?

We will have interpreters at our community meetings.  Our survey will be in Spanish and English.  We are hopeful to have community meetings in locations that will be accessible to all community members. 

Will the plan envision community needs? (e.g. community schools or support services)?

The FLRP process will allow for the community to define its needs. Throughout the process the community will be able to prioritize and refine the facilities plan to align with what it values and what it wants schools to provide for its students. 

Will school closures or consolidations be a part of these discussions?

The FLRP process will allow us to envision the future of facility needs across the district.  We do not have a definitive facility plan that depicts the closure or consolidation of any school.  We are aware of our changing enrollment, the growth within our community and surrounding areas as well as the impact school choice has on the utilization of our facilities.  These factors need to be considered through the community engagement process. The community engagement process will provide guidance for the options that will be considered by the Blueprint 2032 Task Force and its final recommendations to the school board and superintendent.   

Will charter schools be a part of the FLRP process?

Yes, the voice of charter schools authorized through the district will be represented during this process. 

How will academic programs be affected?

The FLRP will align with the Academic Long Range Plan. 

Are technology needs taken into consideration in this process?

Yes, the FLRP takes into consideration technology that is currently in our facilities, as well as how to incorporate future technology needs and considerations.