Certified Employment

Updated on Thu, 01/25/2018 - 9:52am

Certified staff are licensed educators that teach/support our students, collaborate with staff and contribute to our community.

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For assistance with the online application system, please review our TeacherMatch Application Helpful Hints guide.  You may also contact TeacherMatch Support at 1-855-980-0511 or Human Resources at 720-972-4068.  

Adams 12 Five Star Schools offers the following benefits to our certified staff:

Professional Development Services

Professional Development supports student success and serves as a catalyst for change by providing continuous learning for all employees.

Induction Services

The Five Star Induction Program provides trained mentors that offer support and guidance to all initially licensed employees. During this two-year program, mentors help new certified staff form and grow successful professional habits for the purpose of increasing student achievement.

Early Release Days 

The Five Star District has weekly early release days designed to meet teachers’ and administrators’ needs in the areas of professional development, staff development, district/state/federal mandates, and collaborative planning across grade levels, core teams and departments.

Instructional Coaches

Coaches with expertise in specific areas can assist in classrooms. They help with English Language Learners, content area instruction, and gifted and talented programs.

University Partnerships

The district has teamed up with local colleges and universities to help staff who wish to get a master’s degree, an educator’s license, job-related training or mentoring.

Building Mentors

In addition to the mentors available through the Induction Program, trained building mentors can help experienced teachers new to the Five Star District.