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News of Interest:

Have a story, event or something you want to share with our communications team? Want to let us know of something exciting in your community? We want to hear great things happening in our community.

Your story may be featured online, social media or our Five Star Journal. Let us know before or after an event or ongoing story, so that we can hear what's great about our community and can share with the appropriate people or use in our communications! Submit events in the future as a recap from a past happening!

Or share stories of people doing great things that we should dig into and communicate out! 

If you have any questions or need to submit photos, contact Bailey Doehler.

Contact Information
The individual to be contacted for questions about this story or news tip.
The school or district building where this story happened (or is happening). For example, Malley Drive Elementary or the ESC.
2. Newsworthy Story
What is your story about? Example: "Thornton High School placed first at the National Mock Trial Competition on Aug. 22 in Washington, DC. To show off their award-winning talents, the students will hold a mock trial that is open to the public. The case they'll argue is the United States vs. Timothy McVeigh."
Where does your story take place? Example: "Adams County Justice Center, 1100 Judicial Center Drive in Brighton"
Who is involved in your story? Example: "Thornton High School Aspiring Lawyers Team"
Why is your story newsworthy? Example: "The Thornton High School Aspiring Lawyers Team took home first out of more than 100 school districts nationwide. This is the first time a Colo. school has won the competition. Several former members of the team have gone on to study law in college. Local lawyers will be on hand to critique the students."
Example: "The team will use a real courtroom for the trial. Well-known trial lawyers from the Denver area will serve on the jury."