Updated on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 12:09pm

Living out our strategic plan through stories

Our strategic plan ELEVATE outlines five core strengths of our district: Care, Collaborate, Engage, Empower and Focus on Students. These strengths were determined through the 2017-18 ELEVATE process where over 7,000 parents, students, staff and community members came together to develop a five-year strategic plan to elevate student success in the Five Star District. Through the process, participants told stories about a time we did right by a student in order to build on our strenghts. Five key strengths were determined and now live in our strategic plan as a guide for our future to continue to build on our success.

The following are stories told of staff or community members who exemplify our district strengths. 

Tell Your Own Story: Share your own strength story about a teacher, colleague, student or community! 

"I was at Riverdale Elementary on the first day of school during the afternoon school release. An Adams 12 bus pulled up to the school to pick up two of our SSN students. The interaction that occurred between the bus driver and the two students was humbling to see. The bus driver, Anthony Zamora, immediately asked the two students how their day was and talked to the boys the entire time they were being loaded and prepared for a safe ride home. Neither student could respond to Anthony, but it did not stop him from having a conversation with the students about the great first day of school they just had. The care Anthony displayed for the two boys could only come from a place of respect and compassion, and it was great to see his dedication to his students."

Submitted by Anonymous 

"One of our Rocky Mountain Elementary families suffered an apartment fire this summer. Our 3rd grade student suffered burn over 40% of her body and has yet to return to school. Mom also suffered burns and the entire family lost many of their clothing and other possessions. Our Rocky Mountain Family stepped up and donated money, clothing and other needed items to the family. It was amazing to see a large cart full of goodies when the family came by yesterday. Such a wonderful example of care."

Submitted by Octavianne "Tavie" Maroncelli


"Michael Stelling, counselor and assistant wrestling coach at Northglenn High School, went above and beyond for a student who is currently experiencing homelessness by allowing the student access to the coach's locker room so that he could have the opportunity to shower.  Mr. Stelling not only recognized this student's need but understood how much what most of us take for granted every day can truly be a luxury for a student who does not have a stable place to live, and in so doing was able to restore some of that stability in the student's life. His recognition of students as individuals worthy of dignity is the highest reflection of care in Adams 12 Five Star Schools."

Submitted by Lisle Reid


"I wanted to take a moment to celebrate JoAnne Trujillo from Eagleview Elementary for exhibiting all of our ELEVATE strengths.  JoAnne continues to go above and beyond to reach students that typically identified as "difficult students to reach".  Rather than seeing students through the eyes of deficit, she chooses to take the precious time to develop an authentic relationship focused on student strengths and that reaches beyond the school setting. JoAnne strives to meet students where they are, and takes everyo pportunity to celebrate them as individuals. The students JoAnne reaches, leave her room feeling empowered and confident...some for the very first time in their life!"

Submitted by Anonymous

"Rey Torres is a parent who has jumped in to assist our school in launching our Watch D.O.G.S. program.  Rey has collaborated with staff to give feedback on the daily schedule for a Watch D.O.G volunteer.  He is also encouraging other parents to join the program. One way he is doing this is by talking to parents when they are dropping off their students every morning in English and Spanish.  His excitement for the program is contagious and increasing the number of parents coming to our kickoff event. His belief in parent involvement exemplifies true collaboration within our school community.

Submitted by Angela Chambliss

"Marlin Cawthra and Dale Kelley went above and beyond to help prepare materials for kindergarten teachers. The two of them jumped to help immediately when asked if there was a way to provide boards for teachers to create a math graph for their little ones.  Both gentlemen jumped in to provide the support immediately. How blessed are we as a district that EVERY member of our staff is here to provide care for our teachers and students."

Submitted by Sherri Calcagno


"A big shout out to Julia Franklin for living the district strength of ENGAGE! As an English Language Development teacher at McElwain Elementary School, a large part of Julia's day is spent working with students new to the country. This year, Julia has not only worked strategically to ENGAGE her students, but has gone above and beyond to ENGAGE their families in school too. Through the use of the Telelanguage service, home visits and networking, Julia is crushing barriers for students and families new to the country. By providing information and resources and through partnering with families, she is truly embracing the cultural diversity of our school and our district, helping to grow our community both academically and socially. Thank you, Julia for your work and dedication to McElwain students and families!"

Submitted by Suzy O'Dorisio

"Keith is a custodian at The International School at Thornton Middle.  Keith was instrumental in the success of the Back to School Bash this year.  He worked tirelessly to ensure both the Five Star Stadium and the space at ISTM was clean and welcoming for the more than 3,000 attendees of this year's event.  We appreciate his positive energy!" 

Submitted by Anonymous

"EVERY SINGLE MORNING I get to witness our fabulous Special Needs paras get our special needs students off the bus. The greetings that these outstanding and caring group of ladies give to our students are priceless.  I think every person should have the opportunity to start their day feeling like this or witnessing this compassionate and genuine act of kindness, caring and love of students.  I feel blessed every time I get to see this moment.  It reminds me, once again, why people make it a choice to work with students.  I could not be more proud."

Submitted by Darren Oliver