Resolution in support of Amendment73

Updated on Thu, 08/23/2018 - 9:48am


WHEREAS, the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of Education believes that every student should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential and to participate meaningfully in the civic and economic life of the community; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado way of life provides every student the chance to succeed regardless of their zip code or their learning needs; and

WHEREAS, quality public education develops a competitive workforce that will drive a vibrant Colorado economy for decades to come; and

WHEREAS, Colorado is experiencing a teacher shortage crisis and many teachers throughout our state do not make enough salary to meet the cost of living; and

WHEREAS, Colorado's investment in education is lagging behind other states — Colorado ranks 48th nationally in personal income invested in education; and

WHEREAS, education funding has not recovered from the recession; in the 2018-19 school year alone, Colorado schools are underfunded by $672.4 million; and

WHEREAS, the loss to Adams 12 Five Star Schools has been over $373.2 million since 2009, which could have been used to address outdated instructional materials that do not support new standards and are lacking online interactive components; reduce class sizes that have grown up to 8 students in some high school subjects; and stay competitive in hiring high-quality teachers by increasing new teacher salaries which are currently in the bottom third compared to districts in the greater Denver area; and

WHEREAS, reduced funding is directly impacting the District’s ability to provide meaningful educational opportunities for all students; and

WHEREAS, the reduced funding also limits the Board’s ability to respond to parents and community input on the District’s programs and services, despite the Board’s great desire to engage with and respond to its community; and

WHEREAS, Amendment 73 builds on the successes of Colorado's public schools by expanding students’ educational opportunities to prepare them for success in college, career and life; preparing a qualified workforce for decades to come; and ensuring that Colorado's economic prosperity is shared with every community from corner to corner of the state; and

WHEREAS, Amendment 73 will bring Colorado’s investment in public education closer to the national average by raising $1.6 billion dollars annually; provide sustainable support for schools by stabilizing school property taxes; provide additional funding for all students and address the most pressing needs of Colorado’s public schools — specifically, funding for full-day kindergarten and a significant increase in funding for Early Childhood programs, Special Education programs, At-Risk students, English Language Learners and Gifted & Talented students; and

WHEREAS, Amendment 73 gives local school boards greater ability to respond to parent and community input and provide programs and services to meet the needs of all their students; and

WHEREAS, if Amendment 73 passes, the Board commits to focusing on the six priority areas that more than 7,000 members of the Five Star Community identified through the ELEVATE strategic plan – 21st Century Learners, Diverse Learning, Outside-the-Classroom Learning, Safe Schools, SocialEmotional Learning and World-Class Staff; while acknowledging that priorities will evolve as community engagement is an ongoing process and revenue from Amendment 73 is annual funding; and

WHEREAS, the Board declares that Amendment 73 is a matter of official concern;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board of Education officially declares its support for Amendment 73 for the purpose of increasing funding of public education in the State of Colorado; and

The Board authorizes the expenditure of District funds to distribute a factual summary regarding Amendment 73, in accordance with the Fair Campaign Practices Act, C.R.S. 1-45-117.

Resolution approved as of August 22, 2018