First Generation College Student

Updated on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 1:21pm

First generation college students face unique struggles. These students are categorized as any students whose parents have not received a 4-year college degree and often lack supports to be successful. It is not that parents aren’t encouraging their student to attend college, however, having never experienced it themselves leaves them with a lack of knowledge needed to best guide and support them with the struggles faced by most college students. First Gen Students often describe entering college as visiting a foreign land without a map or knowledge of the language and culture.

For some parents, however, attending college may be perceived as breaking away from the family system and leaving behind their assigned role in the family structure. Thankfully, many colleges and universities have acknowledged these unique struggles and nees, and offer supports and inclusion onto the college campus.

But remember, being first is also really exciting! You going to college sets a positive example to younger siblings or kids in your neighborhood. You may also inspire an older family member to go to college to pursue their career goals.

The following websites are great resources for first generation students and their families. We also encourage you to speak with your counselor about any questions or fears you have about attending college.

First in the Family

I’m First