Undocumented Students

Updated on Tue, 03/10/2020 - 10:45am

Undocumented students are immigrants who entered the United States without inspection or overstayed their visas & are present in the United States with or without their parents. They face unique legal uncertainties and limitations within the U.S. educational system. These are: college admissions policies, college tuition policies, and federal, state, and institutional aid policies. Learn more about financial aid and scholarships (see below) for undocumented students.

With the passing of ASSET and DACA, some college and universities have opened their institutional aid to undocumented students. They may require you to complete the FAFSA even though you will not be eligible for federal student aid. Speak to your colleges admission and financial aid departments to learn more. You can also get more resources from MSU Denver.

We hope that you will speak with your school counselor so that we can help you navigate the college admission and financial aid process.