Address Lookup

Boundary Locator

Updated on Wed, 02/19/2020 - 10:27am

Using the Locator

  1. Begin by typing your house number into the address lookup above
    • The system will automatically begin looking for matches
  2. If your address is listed in the results - click on your address
  3. If your address is not listed in the results - refine your entry
    • Add the first letter of your street direction (if applicable)
    • Add the first letter of your street name
    • The system will continually update the results based on your entry

Address Formatting

Addresses are stored in our system using the following format:
[house number] [direction abbreviation] [street name] [suffix abbreviation]

Example Address: 1500 E 112TH PL

Don't See Your Address?

If you still don't see your home address listed in the displayed results we do not have a record for your address in our system. Contact Admissions for more information.