Communication Pathways

Each charter school has identified communication pathways available on the school website. Typically, charter schools encourage parents to first talk directly with the student’s teacher about classroom related issues. Parents may contact their charter school’s administration for more serious issues or issues that cannot be resolved with the teacher. If the issue remains unresolved each school has a pathway to bring the issue to the attention of the school’s independent school board. For non-emergency situations, parents are encouraged to follow these communication pathways before seeking district assistance.

If you have a general question about Adams 12 Five Star Schools charter schools, please use the form below. For more specific questions, please contact the appropriate Office of Charter Partnerships staff member by referring to the responsibility list below.

Cathy Elliot:

  • Special Education
  • Section 504
  • Health Services
  • Multi-Lingual Learners
  • Gifted Talented
  • Curriculum and Instructional Improvement
  • Parent Concerns – Special Student Populations
  • Assessments – Special Student Populations

Marianne Sammons:

  • District Charter Policy
  • Compliance and Benchmark Monitoring
  • Contracting
  • Application and Renewal Process
  • Charter Governance
  • Finance
  • Safety and Security
  • District Accountability Committee
  • Parent Concerns – General Student Populations
  • Assessments – General Student Populations
Charter Schools
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