Elementary Counseling

Updated on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 12:45pm

Adams 12 Five Star Schools currently has school counselors at: Coronado Hills, Stukey and Thornton Elementary. These counselors focus on providing universal intervention for all students to provide them with the skills necessary to be successful learners, solve conflicts peacefully, and prepare for their future careers.

Second STEP has been the universal curriculum adopted to provide instruction in these areas.  The Second STEP curriculum has four major components.  Each unit consists of several researched based lessons to teach and reinforce skill building in each area.  The lessons build on one another.  Each lesson provides a foundation for the skills needed for the next unit taught. The lessons in each unit provide the foundation for all students to acquire the necessary skills for learning, compassion for others, self-control, and peaceful problem solving for success in elementary school and beyond.

The Four components of Second STEP are:

  • Skills for Learning

  • Empathy

  • Emotion Management

  • Problem Solving

Each lesson is taught weekly and contains opportunities for families to learn with the students, skill building in the classroom, as well as teacher follow up lessons to provide continued support of the weekly skills learned.  The involvement of students, counselors, teachers, and families provide an umbrella of support for all students to find success with each unit.  The program is researched based and the students participating in the elementary curriculum through the Five Star District have shown a lot of growth and success. Families can find additional resources for Second STEP by visiting the Committee for Children website.

Second STEP also provides grade level Bully Prevention curriculum which some of the elementary school have adopted as well.  The units consist of Recognizing what Bullying is, Refusing Bullying, and Reporting Bullying.

Transition to Middle School

Middle School Transition Guide (English - Spanish)