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Say Thank You

Thank you notes for exemplifying district strengths

At Adams 12 Five Star Schools, we:

  • Care
  • Collaborate
  • Empower
  • Engage
  • Focus on Students

In order to continue to live out our district strengths, we need to recognize and thank those in our community who live out the strengths in their actions by saying THANK YOU!

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ELEVATE say thanks graphic
ELEVATE say thanks graphic
Say Thanks Karla


On a particularly stressful day, when nothing seemed to be going as planned, I was running late to a meeting with Principal Marie McKenzie and Assistant Principal Jason Gooding at Meridian Elementary. I showed up disheveled to the meeting and felt like I was doing an "okay" job at hiding my stress. As I tried to hold it together, Marie interrupted me to ask "Are you okay?" Marie offered me a moment to decompress and validated that things are crazy and that is okay! It was a moment that allowed me to be human, but also to connect with Marie and share in the chaos of a crazy day. After I had a moment to recollect myself, I was able to carry the meeting on with more composure. After the meeting, Jason pulled me aside and asked how I was actually doing and if there was anything he could do to support me. The care and true connection that we had has not left me since that day. Thank you, Marie and Jason, for reminding me we are all human - and connection is valuable!

-Katie Zombro, Information Technology

Thank you to our custodian Bill Ryszkowski who consistently goes above and beyond to keep Stellar Elementary's building beautiful! It is a large building, two stories and surrounded with large property around it. Each day you walk into Stellar you can see the walls, floors and windows shining. It is clean from top to bottom. When ever a job or task needs tending to, Bill is right there. He is helpful setting up and taking down with all the activities that happen before, during and after school. We can always count on Bill. How thankful, grateful and lucky we are to have Bill in the lead at Stellar from the very first day it opened. Thank you for caring about Stellar and even reminding us to "ELEVATE" each day with your awesome cap!  

-Mary Lou, Assistant Principal

A huge thank you to Lavern Davis and Kalyn Peter, school bus drivers, who went out of their way to create and issue "Student of the Month" certificates and reward outstanding bus riders. The team decided to honor one elementary, one middle, and one high school student every month with the "Student of the Month" award. The first student was recognized for always scanning her card, helping clean the bus by picking up trash and being thoughtful and caring towards other students. Lavern and Kalyn live out our district strengths of Empower and Focus on Students. Our ELEVATE goals are reached because of them and all the bus drivers that come in day in and day out ready to positively impact students. Thank you! 

-Igor Petrovic, Transportation

ELEVATE say thanks graphic
ELEVATE say thanks graphic
Say Thanks Troy

Thank you to Mr. Christopher Fee, Learning Specialist at Stargate School. He has given my son his confidence back in the classroom by working so hard with him. He allows my son’s personality traits to shine by teaching through humor, art, songs and rewards! He learns about my child and what he likes - he even brought in a meal for him last year and attended his baseball games! He always answers my questions and has called me in the evening when he has something important to tell me about my son. Before Mr. Fee, my son was at the point of hating school and used to say “I’m just the funny guy, not a helper or smart.” Because of Mr. Fee, school is now great for my son every day! Not sure what we would do without him - thank you!

-Darcie, Stargate Parent

Thank you to Susi Davis for her caring and can-do attitude. Bollman was still under major construction and we did not have electricity, air conditioning or access to computers and printers. We decided to work at the ESC and needed a desktop computer and printer and work area to complete many tasks. Susi was very welcoming, took time to offer us a work space and help with locating the printers we needed.  We knew she was very busy with her own job, but Susi was willing to help us out and help us to accomplish what we needed to get done with a huge smile and welcoming attitude! 

-Jen Brienza, Bollman Technical Education Center

In all of my years with this district I don't know that I have ever witnessed a principal like Tim Griffin at Glacier Peak. He is great with the kids and is always outside greeting families at dropoff and pickup. These things are a given. But it was during a recent snow storm where I saw what kind of person and leader he is. While walking up the sidewalk, I noticed that the head custodian was shoveling snow and I heard Mr. Griffin say to him, "You just warm up and take a break. I got this." It certainly was not for a show, there was no one around. It was truly just two employees trying to get the job done on a very cold day. Then the next day, I saw him out spreading ice melt on the steps during drop off. He did not delegate the job, he just took care of it. Very few principals shovel walks, act as a crossing guard or dress as a Ghostbuster for Halloween to entertain their students, but Mr. Griffin is not just any principal. Thank you for caring for students like no other, Mr. Griffin! 

-Callie Elder, Grandparent

Say Thanks Crystal
Say Thanks Crystal Spanish

A huge thank you to the Silver Creek elementary community and principal Darren Oliver who stepped in to provide last minute holiday gifts for families in need. Check out this video that our Student and Family Outreach Program put together to say thanks for their help in saving the holidays and exemplifying our district strengths of care, collaboration and empower!

-Lisle Reed, Student and Family Outreach Program

Thank you to Chad Kessler in Information Technology for working to unravel problems I was having with a video I took of a student assessment. I was unable to view or play the video. Chad worked on it and got it into a format that was usable. I am now able to analyze the assessment to pinpoint the student's strengths and needs in math and can formulate plans to support this student's growth. Thank you Chad!

-Marie McDaniel, Coronado Elementary

Thank you to Coyote Ridge Elementary School and Principal Dr. Michael Keppler who took care of my grandson after a tragic family accident. The handling of this most difficult situation by the district and both schools was exemplary and our family will be forever grateful. The caring efforts of the entire Coyote Ridge staff not only has helped him move forward and continue healing from this loss, but our family too. We will always remember these genuinely caring people who went “above and beyond” with sincere appreciation.

-Judith Larson, Grandparent


Thank you to the toughest toughest staff in the district, the team at Independence Academy. The staff has gone above and beyond in helping cover my classes when I was out for a family medical emergency and illness. Thanks to all of them for giving up their time and increasing their workload to ensure the students are safe and academically supported. I am grateful to work with them and appreciate their support. We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

-Lori Clark, Independence Academy

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