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Boundary Info & Maps

Phone: 720-972-4055 - Contact Admissions

School Attendance Area Boundary Maps

The maps below show the area served by each of the district's neighborhood schools. Keep in mind, the Five Star District offers Choice Enrollment allowing students to attend any district school on a space available basis.

Boundary Process

School attendance areas are dynamic and may be changed as necessary to address overcrowding and plan for future growth so as to protect educational quality. Adams 12 Five Star Schools uses two types of boundary change processes: public and administrative.

  • Public Boundary Change Process: typically used when a new school is built or when the boundary change will impact large areas of the district. As part of the public participation process, community members have the opportunity to identify the guiding principles to be used in developing and evaluating boundary scenarios. Those guiding principles may include the means to minimize the impact on existing schools/students, operate schools with enough enrollment to provide an adequate program, accommodate growth, minimize future changes in existing school boundaries, and minimize busing.  The final part of the public participation process typically includes an opportunity for community members to provide feedback on potential scenarios through public meetings.
  • Administrative Boundary Change Process: typically used when there is an urgent need to make a change, when the change impacts small areas of the district or areas that are not currently inhabited. 

While we cannot offer any guarantees that a neighborhood will remain in a particular school’s boundary, when evaluating boundary changes, we typically look at relocating bussed areas first and strive to assign areas that are within a safe walk distance to a school to that school’s attendance area. We encourage all community members with questions about current or future boundaries to contact Admissions.